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Famous film and television Doctors

There have been plenty of them down throughout the years, The character of the Doctor is one of the most iconic and appealing to writers and programme producers. Doctors are seen as truthful, upstanding and they get to see a lot of drama in their day to day lives. They best know that some Medical Indemnity Insurance like that from MPRS is a very good idea to have around. Here are some classics.

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  1. Dr Kildare. With a famous theme tune, the good Doctor was quite the heartthrob in his day. He would general cure people and clash a bit with his fusty senior, whilst holding him in deep respect.
  2. Dr Finlay. Always ready to open his celebrated casebook this Doctor was located in the highlands of Scotland. Another popular character, he was responsible for the medical care of the rather interesting locals

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  1. Doc Martin. Martin Ellingham is a brilliant if somewhat dour and unfriendly Surgeon. However, he develops a fear of blood that stops him from continuing his work in London. He repairs to his native Cornwall where he becomes the GP for the eccentric villagers of the fictional Portwenn. Martin Clunes plays against type and the show has proved to be very successful.
  1. Dr Kerry Weaver from ER. Easily one of the most irrepressible Doctors on screen. She was usually cast as “the bad guy)” due to her arrogant and detail-driven nature. However, she was a fine Doctor as well.
  1. Dr Doug Ross also from ER. Without Doug Ross George Clooney would have never had a career. The charismatic Paediatrician was everyone’s favourite. His rescue and saving of a young boy trapped in a Chicago storm drain is some of the greatest medical drama TV ever made.

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