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maintaining family

Keys to maintaining family life during quarantine

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Quarantine has tested many of the strengths to maintain family life. However, following certain guidelines, harm Quarantine has tested many of the strengths to maintain family life. However, following certain guidelines, harmony may reign. We invite you to discover them in this space.

Maintaining family life during quarantine may not be so easy, especially when each family member must share the same space for an uncertain amount of time. Uncertainties, moods, household rules, and new rules to adopt do not make the process easy.

However, the family is still important, as it goes far beyond the consanguinity or sum of members. Some studies define it as:

The union of people who share a life project of common existence, in which strong feelings of belonging are established, intense relationships of intimacy, reciprocity and dependency, are established, establishing a personal commitment between the members.

The panorama changes how much these members must remain in confinement for the good of all, including their own. It is a scenario in which misunderstandings can arise.

The new way of working, now at home, added to the noise of the television, the children’s play, the sounds in the kitchen, among others, put to a hard test the resistance of each member in different homes. What can we do to maintain family life in quarantine?

Maintain family life during quarantine: how to get it?

maintaining family

We had a generally accelerated lifestyle, and the situation that reality presents us has moved all our schemes, which impacts the family nucleus.

In the same time and space, we must organize time for studies, to listen to children; share and care for the elderly in the house, calm fears and all try to survive.

What options do we have then so that our family life during quarantine is not affected? In the next space we will share in detail some interesting keys.

Respect the schedules

Maintaining regular schedules even if we are in quarantine allows us to ensure adequate rest for all family members.

It is important to keep the schedules that we have always managed. Going to bed at the same time as always and waking up at the usual time will be key to avoid damaging sleep patterns. A good rest allows the whole family to have a good mood.

Establish routines

Having the defined routines will be decisive to maintain family coexistence during quarantine. It is essential to establish times for games, homework with children and doing work. With the support of all family members it will be possible.

Calm the fear

Especially in children, since now they hear more frequently about tragic news, people who leave never to return, and other things that they may not understand. It is recommended to listen to them, teach them to name their emotions and then make drawings or paintings that help them manage their fears.

This moment is also difficult for them, since now they cannot go out, nor see their friends, play with other children, attend school, among others. As much as possible, we should remain calm as this supports the rest of the family. For this, it is convenient to obtain information from reliable sources, such as reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) .

Strengthen ties

Quarantine is a perfect opportunity to strengthen family ties. Therefore, it is worth putting aside screens and mobile devices, and replacing them with board games or activities that can be developed as a family.

Manage discomfort

It is important to recognize early those things that cause discomfort among family members. Thus, it is possible to intervene in time.

Discomforts and disagreements make family life difficult during quarantine. Therefore, it is important to identify what can produce it to manage it properly. The more control there is in annoying situations, the less difficulties there will be among family members.

Avoid sources of anxiety

Anxiety levels must be reduced, especially when accessing daily information. It can take an hour to review the news, and then move on to another activity. Keeping everyone calm is vital so as not to affect family life.

Maintain assertive communication

An assertive communication is essential so that, together, the fear that exists around the current situation is exceeded. We must allow everyone to express it and ask their questions. This right should be granted to both children and older adults.

Learn to listen

It cannot be only a voice that prevails. Everyone can communicate their fears, and the idea is not to make them feel bad about it. From love, we must be willing to listen. This situation is hard for everyone.

Respect spaces

Respect when a family member wants to be alone, since not everything can be done with company. There are those who want to test their abilities in solitude and must be respected.

This situation is not common, it is not normal, it is atypical. Therefore, the best thing we can all do while we are at home is to try to maintain a positive attitude, always looking to the future with the certainty that this, like other difficult times, will also happen.

How to apply this philosophy to our lives?

As we have learned, the most notable characteristic of Wu wee is that of harmony. It does not interrupt or prevent anything, it just flows. So it is not a matter of giving up any manifestation of the will, but of acting just as natural processes do.

  • To put this philosophy of life into practice, we have several guidelines:
  • Let everything flow and let calm prevail.
  • Observe how things are changing, without your wishes interfering.
  • Stop and watch how the vast majority of problems are actively created by us.
  • Allow the problems to dissolve, without making a maze in your mind.

Observe the opportunities that life presents you and see them, but without this meaning an unnecessary waste of energy.

Woman thinking how to create habits

To introduce the Wu Wei philosophy into our life it is important to focus our energy on what is truly important. We must let go of those things that affect our well-being.

  • Once the problems or situation are over, stop thinking about it.
  • No matter how many bumps you run into, always stay calm. Everything will work out.

Put worries aside. This does not mean that you will not do anything in your life. On the contrary, by maintaining objectivity and calm you will be able to develop smarter and less mentally draining strategies.

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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