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Effects of Polio on the body

Polio is a disease that occurs only in humans. It is not a condition that is known in the animal world. The illness can only be passed from human to human, usually via their waste. Before the advent of public health systems and clean water, it was typically passed via water. The condition mainly affects the development of the legs. Most people recover, but they can require the use of Mobility Aids from Ability Superstore during the period and even for some time afterwards as well.

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Considerable advances have been made in the treatment of the condition. Vaccinations are the best defence, and they are given from an early age onwards. This has been a coordinated international attack on the disease, and the cases are now mercifully small.

The reason there was such interest in the condition was a spike in cases in the mid-twentieth century. It was one of the most worrying childhood diseases in developed countries like the EU and North America. This was a shock given how Polio is generally transmitted from human to human.

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The vaccine is administered orally. It is now more prevalent in the middle east and South Asian countries; however, the WHO is committed to eradicating this disease once and for all. The effects of the disease can be very long-lasting. Deformities in the legs and hips are the most common. They can lead to a withering of muscles and subsequent weakness.

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