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The Importance of Editorial Design

The Importance of editorial design realization of a book is not only based on the textual content of the publication. Also, the support that contains it and how it contains it plays an important role: the book and its design.

Editorial Design to the first word: Imageeditorial design

In a bookstore, if it is not by recommendation or self-interest in a book, the cover is what commands, what should attract a possible reader. Read more: Attractive cover design an with 10 tips: magazines, books or digital

The cover of a literary book plays a role of seduction at first sight. It should draw attention in any way among all that sea of literature and other sections that compete from the shelves in a bookstore. Therefore, everything enters through the eyes. Keep reading http://domaindoom.com/10-trends-web-design-2018/

The way to do it, to draw the attention of a reader X does not have a pre-established rule. Many times it is not the title or the author who sends in the first choice of suggestions at random, that data comes later. The way to achieve it has different designs and formats, colors and typographies, images or spaces.

What does correspond to each of these different (and infinite?) Ways to draw attention to the common user of bookstores is that the cover -as, also, the inside of the pages, the type of letter, type of paper, among other details – is part of a concept linked to textual content. In other words, the theme or background of the book adopts a lot to the way in which the publication is presented.

The highlight image of the cover invites you to read. The image is designed, given that through design it connects with the word: the title, the author, the publisher; to flip the cover and some text that encourages the reading; turn again and fill with sensations, open the book to enter the first pages and get hooked with reading, very comfortable. The convenience of reading offers it, not only a good light and a good plot but also the type of paper, background color, typeface, score, design box …

The world of editorial design is responsible for creating and designing the visual concept and support of a printed or virtual publication, be it a book or magazine.

What is editorial design?editorial design

Editorial design is a branch of graphic design specializing in publications, such as books, magazines, posters, newspapers, catalogs, flyers, leaflets, triptychs, brochures, covers, among others. It is dedicated to both internal and external aesthetics of these texts or contents. It’s like saying that editorial design is responsible for the architecture of publications.

It is a true art because it contains both creativity and technical knowledge of production to achieve the interest of a specific and very attentive audience. It is who creates a visual and aesthetic concept based on the word and the content. The editorial designer is in charge of the communication of an individual voice to a massive reception. Its intention is to transmit technical elements to optimize aspects of legibility of different types of texts.

Each type of publication is totally different from another. What all the publications maintain is the symmetrical balance between the text and the graphics part. The task of graphic design is to achieve feasible and effective publications, from an economic, material and editorial point of view, considering all this from the creation of the project and the development, reproduction, distribution, and consumption.

The editorial design in Perueditorial design

It is said that Peru is not a country of readers, but according to the last bulletin of the Regional Center for the Promotion of Books in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2012 5972 titles were published outside of the country. magazines, newspapers, and others.

In the region, the main publishing productions are in Brazil (75 942), Mexico (27 751), Argentina (27 661) and Colombia (14 220). Then, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador continue, in that order.

That means that there is a field for editorial design in Peru, the question is what and how this service is offered. In addition to what possible sectors can be developed.

For example, the gastronomic publishing sector has managed to excel and meet the high expectations that its public demands. This, of course, is due to the gastronomic boom given in our country and that aims to impose itself beyond a culinary trend. For this reason, in recent years has been published a large number of recipes, collectibles, hardcovers (coffee tables), research books, author (chefs), thematic, culinary dictionaries, among others. Much of this gastronomic literature has won important prizes – Peru is one of the main countries with more titles won at the Gourmand Awards, the Hollywood Oscar version with regard to cookbooks in the world – and are a reference in the foreign to know more specialized and tasty about Peruvian cuisine.

This gastronomic publishing production has also been developed thanks to the contribution of both private and academic institutions, for example, San Martin de Porres University (USMP), BBVA Banco Continental, special projects of El Comercio, Epensa, La República and risky publishers such as Latino Publications.

This sector has made viable the specialized gastronomic publishing development. This means that professionals of photography, publishing, research and gastronomic editorial design have been perfected on the spot and through the practical exercise.

But all is not in making a beautiful product, the main thing is the following steps, which is distributed and the book is sold. You have to look for a market and have an audience that consumes it. The way to do it is also very varied. In the gastronomic case, following the example, the distribution channels go beyond the library circuit. It has the kiosk channels, supermarkets, and distribution for collectible deliveries, many of them for free with a newspaper.

The best sellers of bookstoreseditorial design

But not everything in the Peruvian publishing world is cookbooks, there are other topics as well. The field of literature itself has another theme totally different from the above.

One of the fastest ways to know if a book is a bestseller of bookstores are the “cruise” of the Javier Prado and main avenues. Although it should not be so, piracy sets the tone if a book sells or not. This reduces the competition to the market and editorial production; For this reason, the large publishers and independent publishers have to create different sales strategies to “compete” with the same pirated product that is offered in a crude and brazen manner on the streets.

The main strategy, which publishers are already understanding, is to offer a good product (author and content) at a reasonable price. So that the user prefers a thousand times the original to buy a defective book.

The small price comes from the addition and subtraction of the production and quantity of copies: type of paper, cover material, size of the publication, etc. The greater the print run, the lower the cost of production. And, obviously, the number of copies is given depending on the author’s reception, since it is not the same to publish Mario Vargas Llosa or Jaime Bayly as to a stranger in literature.

The other point to consider, to offer a good product, is a work of editorial design. Many times that work is entrusted to an advertising or design agency, as was the case of Editorial Planeta, which commissioned Staff Creative to design the book “Una chica en mi SOPA” by the Peruvian author Silvia Núñez del Arco. That by the way, it was a bestseller from the time of its publication.

The editorial design of “Una chica en mi sopa”editorial design

The subject of the book of the book is the following: it is a girl who enters a new school and finds shelter in a German teacher. The first person narrates the period between 14 and 16 years. The girl, who has a boyfriend of her age, begins to fall in love with her teacher and little by little to fantasize about the possibility that the teacher is a lesbian, hence a series of family conflicts and at school.

From there, what was commissioned by the design agency Staff Creative was to give a concept to the format of the publication. Elements such as the cover, back cover, flaps, spine, and title are part of the first impression a person takes off the book and will be decisive factors for the purchase to be made.

The design of the cover is basic in the construction of any publication, is what will draw attention at first. In this case, the approach of the design agency was direct and attractive, a photograph in blood (in the publishing world: the whole page is known by blood): among disordered school folders, highlight on one of them, a pair of Crossed legs of a young girl with garters and red All Star shoes . The concept is clear: a kind of Lolita, suggestive and attractive.

Although the content is very important, because the idea is to move from the cover to open the book and read it, it is the editorial design that makes one publication stand out from the others. Well, it is proven that people rely on what they see on the cover, against the cover and flaps to buy a publication by an author or unknown title. In the mind of the buyer, the exterior of the publication is closely linked to the content of the book. This is why it is essential that the external part of the text shows the content of the publication it represents in an attractive manner. Continue reading Knowledge and skills needed for a web designer

For this, we must take into account the target audience, since it is not equal to a book by Philip Roth that one of Beto Ortiz. Each type of publication has its own characteristics, from the aesthetic to the content. A good and effective editorial design lies in achieving a harmonious and communicative unity between the interior, exterior, and content of the text.

When creating and producing an editorial design, Staff Creativa is consistent with the basic elements to produce a correct result and, above all, effective for the market. We work together with our client and, therefore, it is necessary to have a quality human group of graphic designers, specialists in their field and aesthetics, to obtain a product that covers all the elements and offers a successful publication, both in its content and its aesthetics.

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