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Why and how to use the A / B test for your e-commerce site

The ability to perform an A / B test is one of the most significant advantages of electronic commerce. You can try alternative strategies and methods for different parts of your business and e-commerce site. The most common benefits include minimizing wasted investments and amplifying more efficient opportunities.

Below is a general description of why e-commerce providers should perform A / B tests and information on how to do them.

E-commerce site: Why you should use the A / B teste-commerce site

These are some of the main benefits of the A / B test for electronic commerce:

Try alternative options:  In some cases, you may have a couple of good ideas to implement a specific e-commerce strategy. If you like two competitive options, trying both allows you to discover what the market prefers. You can try one approach with half your audience and the other approach with the other half. Calculate the key metrics, such as recruitment, subscriptions, and conversions, to determine the most optimal strategy with which you should move forward. Read more: 4 steps in a content marketing strategy

Minimize losses:  The A / B test is also a good way to rule out useless strategies before expenses accrue. If one approach yields much fewer results than another, the test can prevent you from having to wait weeks, months or years to end the losses from a poor approach.

Amplify the ROI: On the contrary, a relative comparison with the A / B test clearly shows where the main opportunities are to amplify your return on investment. When identifying the strategies and tactics they serve, allocate more money and resources to them to maximize the results. Keep reading 10 Internet Sales and Business Strategies for Online Marketing

E-commerce site: How to perform an A / B teste-commerce site

There are many approaches to perform an A / B test, all depend on what you are testing, the information you expect to obtain and the way in which your e-commerce is established. Here are some examples:

Homepages:  Many e-commerce providers want to compare the different designs, layouts, and elements with the home pages. To perform an A / B test on the home page, simply create a page with an item configuration and another page with the configuration you want to compare. Track the results for a certain period and determine what is the ideal structure.

Ad campaigns: Suppliers also want to try different promotional strategies to discover which ones drive the results. For example, in social networks could show a couple of variations of the message of an ad and track the amount of traffic and the number of conversions generated within a certain period for each. When you get the results, increase the investment in the campaign messages that show the highest returns.

Email issues:  The A / B test is also commonly used with email issues to determine which one gets more openings. Some software programs allow you to facilitate the testing of issues even before delivering the message by taking advantage of historical data and analytics.


The A / B test is essential for online marketers in this hyper-competitive world of the e-commerce site. It is essential to minimize the investments that are wasted and implement strategies and tactics that are more effective to create the desired results. Do not leave the success of your company to chance, do the necessary tests.

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