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Attractive cover design an with 10 tips: magazines, books or digital

In the publishing world, currently, the cover design is what makes people turn to see, browse and buy a publication. And this cover design is focusing on this area, doing a job that is creative, careful and original so that it is recognized and applauded by the consumer.

The cover of a magazine is only the beginning of something that could become something totally historical and admirable, that is why it must be done in the right way, choosing the correct typography, margins, images and even the right paper so that the final complement everything at the time of production.

Here are some tips to good design of a cover  for a magazine, book or digital product

The title should be easy to readcover design

The name of the publication should be the most attractive cover design since it is what people will encounter every time they see it somewhere, the typography must be legible and the color must be combinable with many colors if it is not planned to change it in each edition.

Check the design in different sizescover design

The cover design should look good in different size formats, both standard and digital, saving you a double design process.

Never use any of these sources

Comic Sans or Papyrus should never go in any type of cover design, it is a rule that everyone should know. They lack professionalism and creativity.

Keep a single style

Do not mix more than two sources on the cover, since the structure may be lost and it would not be easy to read. Do not combine texts in upper case with lower case. Read more to achieve a good coexistence

Avoid gradients

It is something that is already fashionable within the cover design, it also makes it look dirty. Do not use it in fonts or in general funds.

Do not mix colors that do not gocover design

The colors are something that attracts the view of the consumers in the cover design, for some to use them is something risky, for that reason, it must be done with care and strategy so that everything comes out in order.

Use the right programscover design

Writing in Photoshop is something that should not be done or import images from illustrator if a booklet cover design or flyer of more than one page is made it is recommended to do it in Indesign, QuarkXPress or the same illustrator if done in the appropriate way.


Watch your spelling

Publishing a cover design with misspellings is something shameful for everyone. As a designer, you must know the basic rules of spelling. To improve it, one way is to read more or have a dictionary always next to you.


Sketching can save you a lot of problems and waste of time, it is also faster to download the ideas and concepts that are brought to mind.

Use correct imagescover design

It is proven that without cover design uses photos of landscapes, skies, sunrises and others is something that does not attract attention and does not sell or attract without cover design. People, illustrations, typographies or vectors is what is today in the publishing world.

Finally, one of the principles of editorial marketing on paper is that the sale starts with the cover design, which is what attracts the attention of the buyer, which leads to the book in their hands and what can end up making it go through the box. There are extremely careful editors with their cover design, which they convert into an image of their editorial brand, making their books recognizable among the hundreds that populate the bookstores. This is the case of small independent publishers, who know that the visibility of their books depends on the treatment they give their collections.

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