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Cocktail reception

Cocktail reception before the wedding banquet: why and how to organize?

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Cocktail reception– A doll on the hood rings on the roof, bows, and ribbons – all this is usually carefully looked out at the guests at the wedding, waiting for the groom and the bride to the wedding banquet. And still, wander from side to side, update social networks in the phone and frankly bored. Perhaps, to save them from this and arrange a wedding reception?

Cocktail reception: Why is it needed wedding banquet?Cocktail reception

First of all, as we already noted above, such an event will not give guests a boredom and help them to adjust them to the right way. Cocktail reception to friends of the groom and the bride, it is much easier to get to know each other, for example, choosing snacks. And even better with this task to master, arranging small contests or simply chatting with the invitees. He will talk about the timing of the event (when the cake and salute, for example), tell you where to look for the seating plan, and organize a solemn meeting of the newlyweds with crackers, rose petals or caravans. Read more: Wedding invitations full of modernity and elegance

The attraction of artists before the main celebration is almost a win-win option. Especially popular are videographers wedding photographers. Arrange interviews-congratulations, which will be shown at the banquet, or decorate the photo zone for memorable photos. We are sure that guests will be pleased to receive beautiful photos and once again plunge into the atmosphere of your holiday. Read more: How to organize an outdoor banquet?

However, you can arrange entertainment yourself. For example, prepare books and albums for wishes in advance. Or invite the guests to fill in a wedding questionnaire, the questions in it can be: “How will the first-born be named in the family?” Or “How much percentage of the salary should the husband give to his wife?”.

And, of course, do not forget about pleasant music!

Cocktail in detailsCocktail reception

  • When self-organizing a pre-wedding buffet, it is important not to lose sight of some points. So that in the holiday turmoil you do not forget about them, we compiled a list of tips.
  • Organizing a pre-wedding buffet is not in the main hall, but in a separate room, a cozy lounge or, if the weather permits, in the open air. Therefore, when choosing a wedding venue, look at what banquet halls can offer such an opportunity.
  • The design of a buffet table ideally should be combined with the style of the main celebration.
  • The dishes are beating not only for happiness but also in large quantities. So do not forget that there should be more plates than guests.
  • Of course, the buffet involves self-service, but ideally, there should be at least one waiter nearby. He will help guests with drinks and save the table from dirty dishes.
  • Moderation is something that must be remembered for the amount of alcohol, both at the buffet table and at the main celebration.
  • Treats should be literally “two bites”. An excellent version of snacks: canapé, salads in tartlets, sandwiches, fruits, and berries. But with a “brand” and sweet food, it’s better to be more careful. For example, a chocolate fountain at the beginning of an event can spoil your appetite, and with an embarrassing treatment – attire, and hence the mood of the guests.
  • Despite the format of the event, take care of the seats, especially if there are adult guests among the guests. An excellent option – sofas in the guest area, which today is in many cafes for a wedding. If an exit check-out is planned, they will be replaced successfully by chairs at the arch.
  • The pre-wedding buffet will help to charge guests with the atmosphere of the holiday and will set up for one wave with the newlyweds. So, the wedding will be exactly the way you dreamed!
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