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Christmas is Coming – Just How Does Santa Do It?

Christmas is coming and the big man himself is getting ready at the North pole to load his sleigh ready for his magical journey on Christmas Eve. Getting gifts to all of the worlds children in one night is no mean feat, and Father Christmas has a big job ahead of him in order to do this!

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Facing terrible weather conditions and rooftop hazards, Santa, like many others have to be well organised and prepared ready to make sur that everyone gets their gifts on time for the big day. As many factories and warehouses all over the world are busy getting new pallet trucks like these https://forkliftandpallettrucks.ie/ and training up new staff to meet the demands of the Christmas shoppers, Santa has his trusty team of elves and not to mention the reindeer there to help him to get all those presents out on the big night!

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Although nobody really knows how exactly Santa manages to get around the world in one night, there are many theories on it – and many of them point us in the direction of sci-fi shows like Doctor Who. The use of technology that not only enables Santa to travel at high speeds, in fact faster than light speed as well as being able to warp time and space to create a space in the sleigh large enough to store all of those presents is something that likens Santa to the Time Lords themselves.

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