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Children entrepreneurs


Children entrepreneurs the venture has gained momentum in recent years around the world, to the point that it is no longer a field of exclusive interest for adults, but also for the smallest of the house.

Today parents are more aware of the importance of preparing their children for success from an early age, and that is why they are increasingly inclined to offer the necessary tools to develop business skills since childhood.

Basically what I am saying is that it is possible to prepare children  to become entrepreneurs or children entrepreneurs in the future, and although logically they will not be fully trained to run a company or transnational at age 8 or younger, it is totally possible that they know what attitudes and aptitudes they must have to taste the kinds of honey of success with their own businesses when they are older. Read more: How to achieve a good coexistence

If this topic is interesting, I invite you to continue reading to discover some keys or steps that you must put into practice to train your children in the subject. What do you say? Do you dare to try it? If you are willing then read the following carefully.


Likewise, and the most remarkable of all is that it starts at home. Prepare mentally and logistically to teach your children everything they need to know to start or be entrepreneurs in the morning, and if you do not know where to start, well here I clarify a bit the picture.


Avoid at all costs offer money or allowance in exchange for the completion of a task of home or environment that you assign or impose yourself. This will only leverage in them the belief that they should work for or for others in exchange for a payment. In other words, you can reinforce the belief that you need to be a “salaried employee” to be financially rewarded for your work.

In counterpart, you must encourage their curiosity in order to discover for themselves any activity or assignment that they can carry out on their own initiative, being themselves who negotiate with you how and when they want to be remunerated or rewarded.

This action of self-awareness will awaken in them the impulse to do something, to discover new opportunities, and also promote their commercial skills because they will be obliged to negotiate with you when they perform their “jobs”.

So, are you wondering how you can put this plan in motion? Actually, it is very simple. Start by proposing that they manage to get something to do, fix or repair within their closest space: home.

They can sweep the leaves of the garden, clean their rooms, help you fold and store clean clothes, order their toy baskets, bookshelves and much more; let your imagination fly and you will see how this skill develops and strengthens in the short or medium term. Read more: Good education in children

  • TEACHING BY REPETITIONChildren entrepreneurs

This is a basic and fundamental principle. Children learn by watching, observing and listening to their parents, that is, they emulate behaviors, attitudes or actions of their exemplary models: mom and dad.

This means that their entrepreneurial spirit awakens when they discover or understand that their parents are interested in business, entrepreneurship or business in general.

Even when both can be employees and not entirely entrepreneurs, it is always possible to start small businesses from home, using all the advantages offered by technology in the current times.

A good proposal would be to create products or offer services that involve children entrepreneurs and allow them to define their own schedules or tasks to carry out, such as creating bracelets, necklaces or crafts that girls can market in their own communities, always with the guidance and supervision of the parents.

Another excellent idea would be to prepare simple desserts such as cookies, or cupcakes, that can be sold among their acquaintances, always counting on the participation of children either during the preparation, delivery or why not, collection, if they are already in an appropriate age to get accounts properly.

  • LEADERSHIP AND PUBLIC SPEAKINGChildren entrepreneurs

This is vitally important. A good entrepreneur must be able to lead their ventures or projects with firmness, clarity, confidence, and security. There are those who say that leaders are not born, but are made, which means that you can train your children from very young to become leaders in their schools, extra-academic activities such as sports or cultural, and related.

Additionally, you must promote in them the importance of speaking and writing correctly, but above all, to express oneself concisely or to communicate their thoughts, feelings or ideas in such a way that others can understand them. Remember, a good entrepreneur needs to be a good seller and every big business starts talking and negotiating.

In this case, the exercise would be the following: ask your children to create a product, draw something that can serve as a kind of work of art, or write a poem, song or story so that they can explain how, why and why Why did they create it?

Without them noticing you will be encouraging them to communicate their ideas to others and of course to sell them. Your job will be to detect possible flaws and correct them, always explaining why they should change them if they wish to improve.

Let’s see, making it more graphic, it is not enough to tell them that they should talk seeing each other in the eye, or with a good tone of voice, but you should explain that when you look at the other person in the face you show that you take it into account, that you respect her and that you are also sure of yourself and what you are talking about, in short, that you show security and that you are in control of the situation.

In this way, they will understand the cause of the observation you have made to them and also the way in which they should improve. That is the main difference between saying or defining and explaining.

  • TEACH THEM TO ASK, NOT ANSWERChildren entrepreneurs

This premise has gained followers worldwide and is based on the fact that parents and educators often present problems to children to solve them, without taking into account that in real life nobody asks the questions, that is, that you must do them yourself.

According to the position of one of the most recognized economists in the world, who also created the Global Competitiveness Index, Xavier Sala-i-Martín, “the education of children should be aimed at teaching them to talk, make speeches and sell ideas …” , but most of all to teach them to ask questions, instead of demanding answers.

  • HELP THEM OVERCOME FAILURESChildren entrepreneurs

The undertakings or start-up of new companies or businesses entails a risk; this is simply unavoidable. So this can be a great success or a resounding failure, but the important thing is not to give up or feel defeated but to evaluate the situation to learn from mistakes and try again whenever necessary.

Help them overcome the fear of failure is key when you want to train entrepreneurs from childhood, and to achieve them you must make them understand that mistakes are learning processes. Then avoid punishing them or reprimand them excessively when they perform assignments or tasks erroneously since the correct attitude is to identify the faults and correct them so that they do not recur in the future.


However, if you feel that you need a more professional or experienced guide to educate them in the business field, it is valid to know that there are already educational programs or specialized institutions in the preparation of children entrepreneurs in this sector and that some of them accept children from the 4 years and up

Mexico or Spain are some of the most experienced countries in this field, so if you are interested you can do an exhaustive search on the Internet to know the offers available in the market and choose the one that best suits the needs of your children, or the that you consider to have the most complete or integral business approach.

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