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Effects of Polio on the body

Polio is a disease that occurs only in humans. It is not a condition that is known in the animal world. The illness can only be passed from human to human, usually via their waste. Before the advent of public health systems and clean water, it was typically passed via water. The condition mainly affects […]

Christmas is Coming – Just How Does Santa Do It?

Christmas is coming and the big man himself is getting ready at the North pole to load his sleigh ready for his magical journey on Christmas Eve. Getting gifts to all of the worlds children in one night is no mean feat, and Father Christmas has a big job ahead of him in order to […]

What is Vaccum Conveying?

Vacuum conveying is a popular way of moving items from one part of an industrial or manufacturing plant to another. It helps to fully contain the materials inside the system which means that they are less likely to become contaminated with foreign materials, will be maintained in a hygienic way and won’t contaminate the outside […]

Most Flammable Materials at Work

Being safe in the workplace is the most important thing to consider – wherever it is that you work, safety should be the priority. Taking steps to make a workplace a safer place to be are things that all employers should take seriously – from making sure that staff are correctly trained to use equipment […]

What is Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida is a condition that affects the spinal cord of a developing baby. It can occur anywhere along the spine and is where the neural tube does not close all the way over and the backbone that encases and protects the spinal cord doesn’t form correctly. As a result of this, the spinal cord […]

The most impressive example of practical use of Fluid Power

At the end of the nineteenth century, the use of hydraulic Fluid Power was pretty much universal. It powered business and industry in ways that would fundamentally change Britain. Workers came from the country to live and work in cities. Still, the technology was used to create an incredible piece of technology that ignores the […]

Finding magic at the back of the wardrobe

Young children worldwide dream about monsters hiding under their beds and magical worlds that can be found at the bottom of their gardens and in the back of their wardrobes. Before you go looking into the wardrobes that you had installed by a Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire company like Lamco Design it is probably worth mentioning […]

Remodelling TV Shows To Offer Inspiration

Looking for some inspiration for remodelling your home? Then look no further than some of the popular building shows on TV. If you’re dealing with a stalled project or don’t know what you want to achieve, here are some of the best to give you some ideas: DIY SOS This is a fascinating show that […]

What happens in a lab?

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens behind closed doors at a laboratory? Wonder what the people in white coats are up to? Well, as tempting as it is to believe they are all carrying out exciting experiments over bubbling test tubes, most of the work can be quite mundane. Image credit Labs are full […]

Frequently Review your Fleet Management Plan

It’s not only freight shipping and transit companies that rely on a fleet of company vehicles to keep their business operating. There are many different types of businesses that would be in big trouble if their fleet of work vehicles were off the road, including contractors, landscaping companies, courier services, and many more. In order […]

Sergey Kartashov: Invest in low-risk, high-profit IT projects

Sergey Kartashov, the CEO of Generation Partners, a Cyprus-based asset management company, expressed his views on how to invest in IT startups by keeping risk and reward in mind. Many investors get lost in the ocean of new IT projects due to some reasons. The intensity of IT investment is rising with the increase of […]

The beginner’s guide to web hosting

Information on the internet is growing at a rapid pace and sometimes the terminology leaves people behind. If you have ever wanted to know more about hosting, here is a beginner’s guide to some of the jargon. Image Credit Web hosting Web hosts provide all the technology and expertise that runs your website behind the […]