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Bullying in the Workplace – Three Issues that it Can Cause

Bullying is something that we hear a lot about in school – it is something that sadly goes on in schools all over the world and causes many issues for the children who are falling victim to the bullies. However, it is not something that is left behind when our school days are over – it is also something that can happen in the workplace.

Bullying can lead to many unpleasant situations – for example, some people who are being bullied at work may end up feeling that they have no choice to leave a job which they otherwise would love (if this is the case then you are probably able to put in a constructive dismissal claim – contact employment law friend who will be able to tell you more about this)

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It also has a huge negative effect on mental health and general wellbeing – here are three things that workplace bullying can cause…

Sleep Problems – Sleep problems are common if you are going through a stressful time, and bullying is something that could certainly play havoc with your sleep. You may be feeling anxious and have trouble switching off or getting to sleep, or you may find that you are waking in the night regularly.

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Trouble Concentrating – Even though you may love your job, when you are experiencing bullying it can dominate your thoughts and stop you from being able to concentrate on it, which could lead to mistakes being made.

Low Mood – Bullying knocks on to other parts of our lives and can lead to low moods as well as irritability and a lack of motivation.

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