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Best ways to protect your dining table

Dining tables like the Connubia Calligaris Tables that you can buy from Nuastyle are not only functional in a dining space, they can also add elegance and luxury, depending on the type of table you have and whether you have a table centre in place. After purchasing a dining table it is important that you think about how you can protect it. Here are a few ways for you to have a look through.

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Varnish – if you have a solid wood table you will want to ensure that you have the table regular varnished or waxed. This helps to put a protective layer over the top of the wood to help prevent staining and marks from appearing.

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Cloth – a tablecloth is a quick and easy way to prevent your table from being damaged from items that could scratch the surface. It also helps to ensure that any food or drink items that are spilt on the table won’t affect the surface. You can also buy padded tabletop protectors that also act as a heat resistant layer between the table cloth and the table surface itself.

Placemats and coasters – it is not just falling food that can cause a problem with your table, the heat from plates can also have an effect on the wood surface. The best way to protect your table from burn marks and condensation rings is to use placemats for your plates and bowls and to use coasters underneath your cups and glasses.

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