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best shopping cities

The 10 best shopping cities in the United States

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Many of our trips have as a reason to the best shopping cities or at least buying is one of the plans, especially if we travel to cities that are characterized by good offers and the attractiveness of its shopping centers.best shopping cities

Are you thinking of going best shopping cities in the US? The fourth largest country in the world is an ideal destination to enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience. Whether in one of its attractive malls, its huge outlets, or its intimate boutiques, our neighbor to the north offers hundreds of options that fit any taste and budget. Join us to meet the 10 best shopping cities in the United States.

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New York best shopping citiesbest shopping cities

New York is the shopping mecca in the USA because in this magnificent best shopping cities there is something that everyone loves. You can start in the neighborhood of Soho, in the heart of Manhattan, one of the best neighborhoods for shopping, perfect for young people and hipsters for its unique shops and out of the ordinary. If your portfolio is more extensive, then go to Fifth Avenue, the most famous street in NY where are the most exclusive stores of fashion, beauty, jewelry, and design. If your budget is medium and you are willing to walk, head to Herald Square where you will find the gigantic Macy’s with 11 floors, the mecca for shopaholics in the whole world. Another option is the Manhattan Mall, located just opposite Macy’s and the Empire State Building, which has around 50 stores of the most exclusive brands. If you want to do more with less and you are looking for outlets of famous brands, then do not miss the Century 21 store, with eight floors with great deals and up to 65% discount.

Houston Texas best shopping citiesbest shopping cities

This Texan city is an especially good option for Mexicans to go shopping in the US because it has a wide variety of options to choose from. The Galleria, one of our favorites, is a shopping center that offers  375 exclusive brand stores and dozens of entertainment options. In addition, you can get coupons and take advantage of special discounts for foreigners. Another option is Katy Mills has more than 200 stores with very affordable prices. For more sophisticated tastes, there’s the Uptown Park Shopping Center, with a style similar to that of a European villa. In addition to shops and boutiques, it has a wide diversity of cafés ideal for resting or chatting with friends in the company of a coffee or a glass of wine after shopping. If your budget is not very high but you want to buy as much as possible, an excellent option is to go to Houston Premium Outlets, located in the northwest of the best shopping cities. It offers a first class shopping experience with savings between 25 and 65 percent. Read more: How to go shopping

Austin, Texas best shopping citiesbest shopping cities

Austin, the capital of Texas, is considered an open-air shopping center, where you’ll find everything from jeans, jewelry and vintage clothing to antiques. A great option to start in San Marcos, located 57 kilometers from the Texas capital. Their Premium Outlets with designer brands offer very good discounts, between 25 and 65 percent. If you are looking for something more exclusive to spend a lot of dollars visit Aviary, a decoration shop located on the south side, where you can accompany shopping with a relaxed conversation and a glass of wine. The DomainIt is the main outdoor shopping mall in the best shopping cities that has a myriad of dream brands. At the same time, each of its neighborhoods, such as the incredible SoCo, have many options quite out of the ordinary, with several art galleries, designer stores, boutiques and much more.

The Vegas, Nevada best shopping citiesbest shopping cities

The first stop in the entertainment capital is Las Vegas South Premium Outlets that offers more than 145 outlet stores of exclusive brands, located 4 kilometers south of the Strip and an excellent option for shopping in the US.  Similar, but not the same, Las Vegas North Premium Outlets is also a must for shopping since it has 175 designer stores that offer savings of 25% to 65% every day. For broader portfolios, Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, a combination of luxury with excellent location and atmosphere in 160 specialty stores. The Fashion Show Las Vegas, perfect for baggy pockets, boasts more than 250 stores, about 25 restaurants and eight stores of the most sought-after brands by Mexicans. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago shopping best shopping citiesbest shopping cities

Chicago the best shopping cities of winds is also perfect for shopping, with endless entertainment options, more than 40 museums, 200 theaters, and 7,300 restaurants. The first stop is on the Magnificent Mile, a cosmopolitan strip that runs parallel along the shore of the lake, from the Michigan Avenue Bridge to Oak Street. There are about 500 stores of recognized brands and several department stores, including some that we do not have in Mexico. Of course, we must consider that in some the prices are not cheap, but sometimes they are worth it. Another option to do more with less is the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets, a short distance from the border with Wisconsin. The stores offer the latest in clothing for the whole family, with discounts throughout the year. In addition to the above, each of Chicago’s trendy neighborhoods, such as Andersonville, has an excellent range of boutiques and designer stores.

Los Angeles California best shopping cities best shopping cities

The cosmopolitan best shopping cities of Los Angeles offers a unique shopping experience and is one of the best shopping cities for Mexicans to go shopping in the US. Starting with the most popular, we have Rodeo Drive, which is the most exclusive street in Beverly Hills and an unbeatable option for those who do not suffer from exorbitant prices. If you want more options, then you can visit the Fashion District located in the downtown area of Los Angeles, which has more than a thousand stores. Another alternative, approximately 1 km, on the Santa Monica Boulevard, is the Westfield Century City, a shopping center, with more earthly options and within reach of our pockets. If you want to take the opportunity to explore a little more of its alternative culture, then you have to go to the Los Feliz neighborhood, with many designer shops and rather peculiar art galleries. Of course, if yours are the discounts go to Outlets Camarillo, located at 740E Ventura Blvd, where you can find lots of offers of recognized brands.

San Francisco best shopping cities best shopping cities

San Francisco, the best shopping cities in the bay has many options for shopping. We start at Union Square, a luxury shopping center that enchants anyone for its variety and exclusivity. In addition, it is ideal to sit and enjoy your kitchen in one of the gourmet restaurants, watch a show, or relax in an outdoor cafe. Then, we have the Westfield Shopping Center, with more than 400 stores spread over 10 floors, much more affordable prices and an offer ranging from clothing stores to electronics. In the bay area is San Francisco Premium Outlets, which has about 100 stores with very comfortable prices, with discounts ranging from 25 to 65 percent, so do not miss it!

Miami Florida best shopping citiesbest shopping cities

Southeast Florida, the best shopping cities in Miami is a warm paradise for buyers. One of its best-known shopping areas is Bal Harbor, where the most expensive shopping centers in the world are located. Then, there is the Sawgrass Mills which is one of the most popular outlets in Miami, located 40 minutes from downtown Miami, closer to Fort Lauderdale. It is a huge complex so we recommend you go early so you can go all in one day. Open every day of the week but at different times, it is best to check the official website of Sawgrass to organize your visit. One option within reach of the pockets is the Miami Dolphin Mall, with more than 200 establishments between restaurants, brand stores, and outlets; It is quite extensive so wear comfortable shoes. Another good option is The Mall of the Americas, located near Miami International Airport, open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm and Sundays from 12 to 19.

Orlando, Florida best shopping cities best shopping cities

Orlando, Florida, the best shopping cities of amusement parks, also offers the best therapies: shopping. We started with the Mall of Millenia, a luxurious and modern shopping center suitable for buyers who prefer the waste of hands, with more than 200 specialty stores. Then there’s The Florida Mall, located 15 minutes from the Orlando International Airport, offering more than 270 stores, with great deals. If the outlets are your thing, go to the Orlando Premium Outlet located on Vineland Avenue. It offers discounts from 25% to 65% in more than 110 stores of 500 different brands. An excellent opportunity for your shopping trip in the USA!

Boston, Massachusetts best shopping citiesbest shopping cities

Boston, Massachusetts, is a compact best shopping cities that promise world-class shopping. It’s Newbury Street where the best places for luxury shopping area. The eight-block route between the Public Garden and Massachusetts Avenue is full of renowned designer stores, it’s another shopping option if you’re a baggy wallet. If you travel with your family, be sure to visit the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, an interesting mix of local shops, street performers and international restaurants. To buy cheaper is Wrentham Village Premium Outlet, located on the boulevard of the same name, offers discounts from 25 to 70 percent, has famous boutiques, gourmet restaurants.



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