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11 websites with the best quotes and famous Phrases

Some hate them, others collect them and occasionally share them compulsively on the Internet. We are talking about best quotes, phrases more or less ingenious, author recognized or anonymous, that make us reflect, motivate us or we pull a smile. Some companies have made them the center of their business, and they are also good material for web pages and profiles in various social networks.

Precisely in this list we propose a few web pages where you can find quotes and famous phrases of all kinds, on a wide variety of topics, and perfect to use at any time.

The list contains websites in both Spanish and English (although most are the first), as well as appointments that are integrated with images and that are especially attractive to share on social networks. Just a little warning: there are so many to choose that it will cost you to choose just one, so take it easy!

Are you looking for best quotes and Famous phrases? Here are a few

the best quotes

The famous quotes have become fashionable again a few years ago, thanks to social networks. Many people like to share them on Twitter or put them as a status statement on Facebook, and in passing, share a little wisdom, a pearl of philosophy or even a hint of humor.

With this list of pages deb quotations and famous phrases, you will have an inexhaustible source of content for when you want to put an interesting Facebook status, or a tweet beyond the comments on the game of football on duty.


websites with the best quotes

In Proverbia you can find almost 10,000 famous phrases, to which we must add more than 300 sayings and a hundred proverbs. All of them are classified by categories, which appear directly on the main page so that they can be consulted as soon as they enter the web. You also have the possibility to review them by author, or locate one in particular using the internal search engine of the page. Proverbia also offers two bulletins : one that sends a phrase or famous appointment to the day, and one monthly with a collection of citations on a topic and a specific author. They also have profile in various social networks.

Famous Phrases

Frases Celebres is very similar in design to the previous one, with the citations classified on the front page of the web. It also has them organized by authors, in case you prefer to browse among them as well, and an internal search engine to locate specific citations. An interesting function of this website is that it allows you to generate a small HTML box with the phrase of the day, so you can integrate it into your blog or personal web. They have their own page on Facebook.

Appointments and Proverbs

best quotes and famous Phrases

In Quotations and Proverbs you can also find hundreds of quotes organized by themes and authors, and with an internal search engine that allows you to quickly locate any of them in particular. Unlike the previous ones, this website also includes separate sections for compliments, dedications and even love letters


Sabidurias offers a collection of famous quotes framed in images (only the most recent ones, of course), which would be perfect for sharing on social networks but which, unfortunately, lack the adequate means to do so (except a button to do like on Facebook). The web works as a kind of community in which if you create a user profile, you can contribute quotes, vote for the quotes that appear and save the ones you like most in your favorites.


websites with the best quotes

In Frasesmania you will find about eight thousand quotes and phrases that are updated several times a day. Unlike other sites of famous quotes, in this you will find witty phrases that do not have to be the work of a famous author, or provoke a thoughtful reflection. Many of them are light, fun and refreshing phrases, ideal to share on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. They are classified by categories, and many of them are accompanied by an image.

Famous Phrase

Famous Phrase is distinguished from the other pages by its design, of course, very clean, without advertising . In it you will find phrases and quotes organized by topics and by profession, as well as being able to jump directly to lists with the best phrases or the most recently published ones. You can also review citations by author, or locate one in particular with the internal search engine. Each phrase collected on this website has a handy button to share it on Twitter.

Today’s phrase

As its name suggests, today’s phrase focuses on a selected appointment for each day, which you can vote on or leave a comment on. In addition to that, on this website you will find famous quotes organized by authors, as well as lists with the most voted, most controversial, most recent phrases, etc. And if you feel like it, you can contribute with one yourself.

The phrases of Mr Wonderful

And of course, in this list could not miss a compilation of some of the quotes that have made the brand Mr. Wonderful more popular. Mariu Chavez collects them on his Pinterest, along with the corresponding design, and from there you can share them on other social networks (but without going over, lest he give us a sugar rush ).

Brainy Quote

We started the English phrase websites with Brainy Quote, which collects hundreds of quotes organized by themes and authors. The web also has a section of “Phrase of the day” and an internal search engine, as well as another special section of sentences integrated into images. Each appointment is accompanied by buttons to share on social networks, and shows links to authors and related topics. You can follow Brainy Quote also on various social networks.

Quotations from Good reads

websites with the best quotes and famous Phrases

As a website specialized in books and readers, the dating section of Good reads collects famous passages from books that are popular among users of this social network. As it is not a famous dating site in itself, there is no type of classification by subject or author – just listings to see the most popular, the most recent, and those that your favorite friends or authors have shared. Of course, you have a search engine to locate citations by author or by keyword.


discover best quotes

Finally, Quotery has an impressive collection of more than 125,000 citations, classified by categories and by authors, and often integrated with images that make them perfect for sharing on social networks. Both the web itself and each of the appointments have a very elegant design and easy to use, with many ways to browse the content and interact with it.

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