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The beginner’s guide to web hosting

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Information on the internet is growing at a rapid pace and sometimes the terminology leaves people behind. If you have ever wanted to know more about hosting, here is a beginner’s guide to some of the jargon.

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Web hosting

Web hosts provide all the technology and expertise that runs your website behind the scenes, such as servers, security, back-up files and IT support. Everything is designed to keep your website running smoothly and safely. Your website is hosted on their servers, which enables it to be accessible to your visitors via the internet or World Wide Web (WWW). Web hosts provide plans to suit different needs, with the charges depending on what you require for your website. There are many web hosts to choose from, such as web hosting through names.co.uk.


Before you make your decision, it is a good idea to check the host’s security provision and what it will provide; for example, is there 24/7 IT support available and are there back-up and restore points to keep your data safe in case of accidental loss? Is the network monitored for malware or internet attacks? Are the recommended security certificates and firewalls in place, and will you be provided with an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate? SSL is important, as it authenticates your website and encrypts information. This ensures the secure transmission of data, which is essential if you are an e-commerce site.

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Domain name

Web hosts also offer a domain name (the address of your website), which you can customise to suit your needs. There are other domains available, including top-level domains (TLD) such as .com and .org, which are the most popular. Then there is a new generation of domains specific to professions or e-commerce, such as .store. If you prefer to choose one of these, this is something your web host can arrange for you.

What next?

Once you have settled on a web host and found your ideal domain name, you can start customising your website. Web hosts offer a variety of templates to choose from. These are designed with all levels of computing ability in mind, so you can tailor your website to suit your business or organisation.

As business and commerce steadily moves online, more people are thinking about the benefits of their own website. Web hosts are making this accessible and straightforward.

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