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What are the newborn vaccines?

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Newborn vaccines- What newborn vaccines are mandatory or recommended? Since they are born, babies are protected thanks to the antibodies they receive from mom through the first shots of milk, better known as colostrum. Although breastfeeding can provide all the defenses you need. It is not enough to protect the newborn from bacteria and viruses that are in the environment. So at birth they are given the newborn vaccines.

What are newborn vaccines?

the  newborn vaccines

Vaccines are medications that strengthen the immune system and provide protection against certain diseases. These may be composed of bacteria or viruses that help the body generate specific defenses against them.

Because of how vulnerable the infant’s immune system can be, childhood vaccines are necessary from birth, with the BCG and HB vaccine being the most important.

Why is vaccines important newborn?

At birth, it is essential that babies receive defenses that strengthen their immune system. Although the mother is the one who provides antibodies to protect them through breast milk. Newborn vaccines are considered the main route to prevent infectious diseases especially in infants and young children.

Because the diseases for which vaccines were created are very serious and in specific cases can have serious consequences, from prolonged health problems to causing death.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, newborn babies are hospitalized and die more frequently due to diseases that are attempted to be prevented through vaccines. Therefore it is of utmost importance to vaccinate babies as soon as possible.

Vaccines have managed to reduce the risk of diseases in young babies and infant mortality, even eradicating some diseases such as smallpox. Which is why complying with the vaccine schedule is essential to achieve this.

Remember that, if you have had the birth at home. It is important that you vaccinate your baby, whether visiting the hospital or consulting a pediatrician.

What are the first vaccinations of the newborn baby?

Country                Vaccines for newborns

Argentina            BCG + Hepatitis B

Bolivia                  BCG

Chile                     BCG + Hepatitis B

Colombia             BCG + Hepatitis B

Ecuador                BCG + Hepatitis B

Spain                   Hepatitis B

U.S                       Hepatitis B

Mexico                BCG + Hepatitis B

Paraguay             BCG + Hepatitis B

Peru                    BCG + HVB single dose

Dominican Republic        BCG + Hepatitis B

Uruguay               BCG

Venezuela            BCG + Hepatitis B

Throughout childhood, babies will receive a series of newborn vaccines according to their age, to strengthen their immune system and prevent infectious diseases.

Since newborn vaccine schedules vary from country to country, the CDC, the Ministry of Health. And Social Development of Argentina , the American Academy of Pediatrics.

It is worth noting that in Spain, the BCG vaccine is not applied, but in all Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile.

What is the Hepatitis B vaccine?

 newborn vaccines

The baby’s vaccines are applied from birth, and the first one corresponds to the hepatitis B vaccine. Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis B virus. It is a disease that has no symptoms at principle, especially in babies and children. But that can develop as the person grows.

Although some people can fight the infection and the disease disappears, in others the infection remains in the body until it becomes chronic, having more incidence in children. And young people. Over time, chronic hepatitis B can cause serious health problems. And even liver cancer according to the CDC.

Women pregnant with hepatitis B can infect her baby during childbirth unknowingly already spread through blood contact with an infected person and fluids in the body. Babies can also be spread even by people who have no symptoms of the disease.

Why should my baby get the hepatitis B vaccine?

Even shortly after birth, it is recommended to vaccinate babies to protect them from the start. And a small injection can make a big difference.

Like many others, the hepatitis B vaccine acts as a protective net to reduce the risk of the newborn contracting the disease of the mother, or other close relatives.

Protect people close to the disease because children do not usually have symptoms. However, they can be transmitted to other people without anyone knowing they are infected.

Avoid the likelihood of baby developing chronic hepatitis B and with it serious illnesses such as liver cancer.

What is the dose of hepatitis B vaccine at birth?

Hepatitis B newborn vaccines decrease the risk of suffering from the disease. The Ministry of Health and Social Development of Argentina recommends that all babies receive their first hepatitis B vaccine within the first 12 hours of life after birth. It will be applied to the leg, specifically in the thigh muscle.

What is the BCG vaccine?

The BCG (Bacillus Chalmette Guerin) vaccine, better known as the tuberculosis vaccine, protects babies against tuberculosis diseases, especially lung and meningeal type. For this reason, in countries with a high tuberculosis endemic, health institutions recommend the application of the BCG vaccine shortly after birth. During the first weeks, especially for newborns exposed to multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

For its part, the World Health Organization only recommends vaccinating newborns of mothers with tuberculosis  once the presence of active tuberculosis has been ruled out.

What is the dose of the BCG vaccine at birth?

In most of the countries that contemplate in their calendar, the BCG newborn vaccine is recommended only once after birth. Before hospital discharge, or during the first weeks of life.

The BCG vaccine is usually applied intradermally to the right shoulder of newborn babies. Or young children under three months who are healthy.

When applied, the BCG vaccine does not cause fever in the newborn. And it is not necessary to cover the vaccinated area of ​​the child.

Occasionally, the reaction of the vaccine can cause redness and a snore on the skin that can secrete pus with the days. And generate a small scar. In these cases it is not necessary to apply anything, just wash the wound with soap and water. Or with a little hydrogen peroxide. Avoid manipulating the area until it heals.

What are the side effects of the first vaccines?

Newborn babies are at greater risk of developing serious illnesses because they lack sufficient defenses. That is why it is so important that at birth you vaccinate your baby. Applying the corresponding National Vaccination Calendar vaccines.

Although vaccines are essential, some parents are afraid to apply them because of the possible side effects. And discomforts that can be caused to the children. But these are minimal compared to the risk posed by the possible diseases to which they are exposed.

To make the vaccination moment something more bearable, both for parents and for the baby. It is recommended to offer the breast and much care for you to be safe. It will be the contact with mom and dad that comforts you most.

Remember that vaccines during the first months of life are one of the best ways to protect babies. And young children from serious diseases that can be dangerous. Ideally, vaccinate your child at birth. Before leaving the hospital or motherhood, as postponing their application can increase your risk of getting sick.

In the case of the BCG vaccine, it is most convenient to apply the vaccine to the baby in the first weeks of birth. Because if it is done at three months. Your little one will require the previous application of a Tuberculin skin test.

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