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automotive companies

Top 10 of the largest automotive companies in the world

Over the years, the automotive companies has strives to generate important changes for the benefit of human beings, in 400 years of history, the advances have been innumerable. For example, in terms of car energy. It evolved from steam to gasoline and from gasoline to cars powered by gas and electric power.

The American company Local Motor, with 10 years of experience, talks about the automaker of the future: custom vehicles with 3D printers, which aims to put in the market in 2019 at values ​​that vary between US $ 12,000 and US $ 60,000.

However, the race to find or improve another source of power that pollutes less the environment still continues. Currently, automakers compete to be the best in avant-garde, aesthetics, power and efficiency.

Also, the industry works to have a good reputation, to maintain business ethics and to have corporate practices that generate trust in the consumer. This is the seventh consecutive year that the Ethisphere Institute gives the Ford Company this award.

According to Forbes data, these are the 10 automotive companies that generate more than 1.5 billion dollars in sales on five continents.

Most  largest automotive companies in the world

automotive companies

#1.Volkswagen Group (Germany)

In 2012, Volkswagen sold more than 9.2 million units, which represents 12.8% of the global passenger car market. With 104 plants in 27 countries, 550,000 employees produce 37,700 cars a day that are sold in 153 countries. The Volkswagen group also includes the Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati and Scania brands.

#2.Toyota Motor (Japan)

Toyota Motor was established as a company in 1937. In 2012, global sales of hybrid units amounted to five million. And sold a total of 9.75 million, the same year manufactured its unit number 200 million. And has raised its sales thanks to Prius, Camry and Corolla.

#3.Daimler (Germany)

The group whose flagship brand is Mercedes-Benz also produces F1 trucks and engines. In recent years, it has strongly entered the Chinese market in one of the most attractive categories, luxury brands. It has a workforce of 275,000 people. And operates in more than 200 countries. In 2012, Daimler sold 2.2 million vehicles.

Considered the most valuable luxury car brand in the world. Part of its success is due to its ability to adapt to the market with compact. And cheaper models. In addition, Mercedes-Benz has ventured into proambiente practices with hybrid technology.

#4.Ford Motor (EU)

Ford’s success is driven by a commitment of 166,000 people working worldwide. Ford announced that it has reduced the amount of energy needed to manufacture each vehicle by 22% in the last six years. The Ford Focus was the bestselling car in the world during 2012. The same year the company placed 5.6 million cars on the market.

#5.BMW Group (Germany)

BMW Motorsport GmbH was founded in Munich in 1972. In BMW’s history sports successes abound, one of them is in Formula 1, in which he won the world championship in 1983. This is one of the most successful luxury brands of the moment that also owns Mini and Rolls-Rotce. In 2012, it sold 1.84 million cars.

#6. General Motors (EU)

General Motors Corporation was born in 1908 in Detroit, Michigan, and in 1953 began operations in Mexico. The largest vehicle manufacturer in the United States sold more than 4.85 million cars. And light trucks in the first half of the year. It is one of the three major automakers in Detroit that sells cars and trucks. Its most important brand is Chevrolet.

#7. Nissan Motor (Japan)

 The history of Nissan began in 1933. For 2012, the Nissan-Renault alliance sold a record of 8,097,197 vehicles, representing one in ten new vehicles sold worldwide. By 2020 the company seeks to launch vehicles that dispense with drivers.

#8. Honda Motor (Japan)

In 1948 Honda Motors was founded. Beyond the automotive aspects, in 1986 the company built a robot with the ability to walk. Asimo was born in 2001: a humanoid robot that manifests advanced intelligence.

#9.Hyundai Motor (South Korea)

 In 1967, Chung Ju-Yung started the Hyundai Motor in association with Ford. The company has Ulsan, the largest factory in the world where more than 1.5 million cars are assembled per year – equivalent to one every twenty seconds. It has a test track of 2 miles (3.2 kilometers). With a new design concept, the Korean brand has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years.

#10.SAIC Motor (China)

In 1955 the Shanghai Diesel Parts Manufacturing Company, predecessor of SAIC Motor is established. In 2012, it sold 4.49 million vehicles; 12% growth per year. The Chinese brand maintains important relationships with General Motors and the Volkswagen group.


automotive companies

Renault (France)

Louis Renault and his brothers founded the company in 1898. In 2011, Renault had a presence in 188 countries and a workforce of 128,322 employees. That same year he filed 499 patents.

Tata Motors (India)

Tata Motors was founded in 1945. And since that date it has produced more than eight million vehicles. It has 60,000 employees.

Kia Motors (South Korea)

In 2012, it delivered 2.72 million vehicles and has a workforce of 40,000 employees distributed in 127 countries. Kia in 2016 does not stop surprising customers, added to its recent launch of the Kia Sportage.

Volvo (Sweden)

In 1927 the first Volvo series-manufactured car, the Volvo ÖV4, left the production line on the island of Hisingen, Gothenburg. Volvo employs about 115,000 people, has production plants in 19 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets.

Suzuki Motor (Japan)

In 1954, the company changed its name to Suzuki Motor Company. In 2008, Suzuki inaugurates its corporate offices in Mexico.

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