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An Ode to Your Mobile

In honour of our favourite mobile phones, here is a top list of songs dedicated to all things to do with telecommunications:

  1. The Phone Call – The Pretenders

When you’re waiting for that important phone call, you’ll want to know you have your phone close to hand wherever you are. And that is the beauty of the mobile phone and why they have become an essential part of all our lives. We never have to be left unreachable and can always be connected.

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  1. Pick Up The Phone – Izzy Stradlin

The great thing about receiving calls is that we can instantly see who is calling us. If it’s an unrecognised number or unknown caller, we have the advantage of being able to ignore it! And when it’s someone we want to talk to – we know instantly! When you need a new phone to pick up, think about Vodafone Dundalk at King Communications

  1. No Phone – Cake

Do you break out into a cold sweat if you realise you have left your phone at home? You’re not alone. There is a recognised fear of being without a signal or phone and it’s called ‘nomophobia’.

  1. Phones Are Ringin’ All Over Town – Martina McBride

The great thing about phones today is the vast range of ringtones available. Whether we simply use the default one or download something unique – phones can ring all over town in completely different tunes, sounds, bells, alarms and even phrases.

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  1. Phone Call To The Past – Henry Mancini

If you could call up your old phone and tell your past self anything, would it be the best advice on what phone to buy in the future?

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