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The definitive climbing of Xiaomi, of the year  2018

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When we talk about the smartphone market everyone comes to mind the trio of aces that stand out from the others for many months. Apple, Samsung, and Huawei continue to dominate a market that, although fiercely competitive, still leaves room for other options (mostly Chinese) that continue to squeeze the largest.Xiaomi,

And if we talk about companies with a superlative growth and an increasingly powerful development, we have to mention Xiaomi. The Chinese corporation does not stop growing and, according to a recent IDC report, the Chinese manufacturer has doubled market share in the last year, doing practically the same with the number of units sold. We talk about the aspirant to the world podium has gone from having 3.3% share in the world to 7%. In the same way, it has doubled its sales figures: from 14.3 million smartphones sold to 28.1. Always according to IDC, in the last quarter of 2017, Xiaomi was able to overtake Oppo, accumulating 7% of the total market, while Oppo achieved a 6.8%.

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Xiaomi’s plans for 2018: more countries, more growth and more qualityXiaomi,

Xiaomi refers to 2017 as “the year of the miraculous return”, in which all the doubts about his business model have vanished, and it has been proven that his aggressive strategy is really effective in the current market. Therefore, with well-established bases, the firm intends to face 2018 as the beginning of a new journey, in which three objectives will prevail above all: expansion, growth, and improvement of quality. Today, the company already operates officially in more than 70 countries worldwide – and has established itself as a top manufacturer in some of them – although, in the words of Lei Jun, CEO of the firm, “that is just the beginning”. Although the intention to continue advancing in terms of innovation is maintained – as well as it warns of its investment in a new R & D center -, Xiaomi assures to focus its efforts on continuing its global expansion.

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The data in China is not very different. According to Counterpoint Research, although the undisputed king continues to be Huawei, Xiaomi is already starting to make a quantitative leap. And, with a 14% market share and a growth of four points compared to the same quarter of 2016, the company of Lei Jun and Lin Bin has emerged as the fastest growing manufacturer.Xiaomi,

In this scenario, this condition of the first technological market on the planet makes the country of the rising sun an ideal enclave to measure the temperature of a mature sector and, in a certain way, something saturated. Speaking of the Chinese market, it is worth noting the decision of LG, one of the companies that seem to have left aside the fight in the Asian country, thus desisting from its objective of competing with the big manufacturers of the country.

Xiaomi operates today in some 70 countries and continues to put its efforts into offering a better product in order to continue its global expansion. Yes, without leaving aside its main market, the Chinese, where they aspire this 2018 to the top. We’ll see if Huawei allows it.Xiaomi

On the other hand, the Chinese company will be, like all the major players in the sector, in the Mobile World Congress and, of course, there are already several weeks in which there is room for speculation about the device they will present. Everything seems to indicate that it will be the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, a somewhat improved variant of the last terminal without frames of the brand.Xiaomi

Lei Jun himself is also aware that Xiaomi must once again lead in his native country in order to obtain sufficient support at the time of its global expansion. Therefore, an ambitious goal is set as it is to position itself in the first position of the market in the next 10 quarters.Xiaomi

So, with all this, it seems that Huawei no longer only has to look up to try to snatch market from Apple and Samsung. Now you should also turn your neck from time to time and accelerate. Xiaomi approaches. Xiaomi will not only focus its efforts on continuing to improve the quality of its products, with increasingly innovative devices and technologies, but the global expansion remains as the number one goal of the Chinese company, without forgetting, of course, of the Chinese market, the market in which Xiaomi was born, grew, and now wants to reign.Xiaomi



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