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The world’s most famous Cowboy, John Wayne.

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At one time one of the most recognised faces in the world was that of John Wayne. Whilst not considered the greatest actor he was certainly a presence on screen. He was mostly known for playing a Cowboy in the Wild West but he did do other things, his  most memorable being Sean Thornton in The Quiet Man, and being totally miscast as Genghiz Khan. It is as the eponymous Cowboy that he will be forever remembered.

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Wayne’s real name was Marion Morrison but this was soon changed after he began picking up small parts in Western’s. The Western was the main subject output by Hollywood and on Television so he took the more frontier sounding John Wayne and the nickname “Duke”.

He was also something of a style icon. He was one of the first actors to appear in a T-Shirt. Before this the T-Shirt was seen as an item as underwear. He would make them stylish and must have fashion pieces. One thing is for certain you cannot get more stylish than a set of  Farah T Shirts.

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Wayne was the face of he American West and was greatly loved. He could turn his hand to the Comedy Western and the more poignant films like The Searchers, which is widely regarded as the best Western ever made.

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