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The World Cup Russia 2018: Apps to make the most of the World Cup

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Do you want to live full the 2018 World Cup Russia? With these apps, you will enjoy it to the fullest whether you travel to Russia or see it on TV at home.

There is very little time for the ball to start rolling in Russia in 2018 and the excitement of the Peruvian fans grows every day. Whether you are lucky enough to travel to the land of the tsars to encourage the white redhead to live or go to see the 2018 World Cup Russia on television or Internet, we recommend the best apps for your smartphone. Get ready to enjoy the biggest football party in the world with these applications!

FIFA: the official app of the World Cup RussiaWorld Cup Russia

In this official guide of Russia 2018, you will find important information: the complete fixture, the schedules of the matches, the venues, news and alignments of each team. But you will also find news about other tournaments organized by FIFA such as the U-17, U-20 and Women’s World Cup, as well as the local championships of all countries and, of course, the official ranking of the national teams. Available on IOS and Android. If you’re going to be looking at betting on this tournament or enjoy betting on the football in general and are looking for the latest footy tips then Football Accumulators could be a great site to check out this summer.Read more: Best virtual reality glasses

World Cup Russia 2018World Cup Russia

Application focused 100% on the Russia 2018 World Cup. It contains data about the teams, the groups, the venues and the fixture from the opening game to the final. If you are lucky enough to travel to Russia, this app will be your guide to locate the stadiums and know the exact time of each meeting (in Russian time). Available on Android. Read more: 4 Courses that, as a freelance graphic designer, you should take

Forza FootballWorld Cup Russia

App designed for those who live passionately football day by day and will not miss a second of the World Cup. It has meticulous statistical information of the tournaments of the whole planet: alignments, goals, players ‘and referees’ antecedents, etc. If you register during Russia 2018 you will receive notifications in real time of what happens in the matches of Peru and your other favorite selections.

Russia Travel GuideWorld Cup Russia

If you go to Russia you need this extraordinary special app for travelers. It comes with a complete guide to the most important Russian cities, its biggest attractions, street map, restaurants, historical sites, nightclubs, and bars. It also brings a dictionary with Russian phrases, weather predictions, how to move from one place to another and much more. Available on IOS and Android.

BussuWorld Cup Russia

To be present at the World Cup and really experience it, this app is an excellent help with which you can learn the Russian language at a basic level. You can download the lessons and review them without the need of an Internet connection. It even gives you the option to repeat the words you are learning. Available on IOS and Android.

TriplingWorld Cup Russia

An ideal app for globetrotters who take advantage of their vacations to travel in search of adventures and discover new corners of the planet. It has a dictionary of 10,000 words, a voice translator to the language you want and common phrases in different destinations. In addition, you can calculate your expenses and even tips at the exchange rate.


If you are going to travel around Europe and your final destination is perhaps Russia, this app will show you how to get the best deals to travel by plane, train, bus or car. It has a database of 5,000 destinations, 10,000 journeys and is connected with 500 transport companies. It helps you compare prices and organize your schedules and connections.

The fan

To all those collectors of the World Cup album, this application will serve to take control of the sheets or stickers. Its interface is simple and allows to register the figurines that you already have, those that are missing and repeated ones. Complete your album and give a modern and technological touch to the ‘Yala’ and ‘NOLA’ with this app. Available only on Android

XE CurrencyWorld Cup Russia

If you travel to the Russia 2018 World Cup, you will surely also visit some European cities to do some tourism. This application will allow you to convert your dollars or euros in rubles at the updated exchange rate. The good thing is that this app works even without an Internet connection. Available on IOS and Android.

Photomontages with Flags

As for the games of our selection in the qualifiers, in the World Cup Russia 2018, you have to show that you are part of the most passionate bar and encourage red and white in your social networks. With this free application, you can create nice photos and photomontages with the flag or colors of Peru. Take a selfie, wear your most patriotic smile and shout loud … up to Peru!

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