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Wood and black in the kitchen: ideas for a winning combination

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Wood and black in the kitchen-The kitchen decoration is a topic that is increasingly relevant for several reasons. This space has gained a special dimension throughout the generations, going from being a simple place where our grandmothers or mothers cooked to become a center of life for the whole family. Whether we live in a house or an apartment, it is increasingly common to see kitchens fully integrated into other living spaces such as the living room or dining room. In fact, having open kitchens is a confirmed and very successful trend.

One of the very interesting trends, which we will surely see a lot throughout the year, is to combine the wood with the color black. A very sober and elegant combination that can give your kitchen a complete twist.

In this context, the ambiance of our kitchens has gone from being a merely functional point to become a top-level decorative issue. We seek to turn the kitchen into that space of coexistence that reflects our personality, our tastes and in a certain way an extension of the rest of our home. However, the kitchen can also become a play area where we can free our imagination with some freedom.

Wood and black in the kitchen: winning combination

wood and black

The decoration of black and white kitchens is a classic that does not go out of style, becoming an essential trend in recent years; A perfect combination for both traditional and contemporary kitchens, with which you will be able to design a timeless, very current space.

Depending on the dimensions and brightness of the room, you should enhance one shade or another. In small or dimly lit kitchens, do not give up using the color black, although apply it in small doses, to give more importance to white. Take note of our tips and possible combinations so that your kitchen project looks the latest.


Both the first and the opposite proposal will provide you with a striking, very interesting and groundbreaking set of contrasts. For avant-garde kitchens, choose intense black furniture in glossy or matt lacquers and add a pure white kitchen countertop and front. Choose a design of modules for the kitchen of straight and refined lines, without handles or with pieces of current cut, minimal designs, also in black or in matt steel.


If the kitchen you are reforming is small or not very bright, use white as an essential color and add some details in black, in small accessories, accessories, appliances or lighting. An eminently white space will be surprising if you add black screens or stools.

Although coating the entire kitchen in black would cause the space to look smaller, if you apply it only in the work area you will be able to hide the stains that can be made when cooking.


On the contrary, if there is plenty of space and you have an abundant natural light entrance you can bet on the opposite combination; much more daring and unconventional, choose black to design furniture, countertop, coverings and flooring and add white in some key pieces , to create a very flattering set of contrasts.


the wood and black

The kitchen island has become an essential in large kitchens and those that are integrated into the living room and dining room.

Design a groundbreaking space with an island in intense black, both for the modules and for the coverings that cover the piece. The contrast with the rest of the blank elements will help you create an avant-garde, trendy space.


 Black and white checkerboard floors return to become a trend pavement. Classic pieces in standard formats of 30 x 30 cm, 40 x 40 cm or, large tiles alternating both shades, will add character and personality to the kitchen.


If you prefer to design a kitchen in white in its entirety, you can add black in the office area: a table and chairs in black, will allow you to differentiate the spaces, adding elegance and sophistication to the environment.

Bright kitchen – Matte kitchen. Gloss-matte, matte-gloss … Another dilemma for the collection! Choosing a kitchen involves making many decisions and, for you to succeed, we will try to guide you by telling you the benefits of both options. The challenge is that you can decide for sure if you, personally, prefer a kitchen with a shine or a matte kitchen.

Of course, keep in mind that the result will be totally different depending on what you choose. It’s amazing how the same kitchen changes in gloss or matt!

What are the advantages of both? There are questions that are, quite simply, subjective. There are people who like kitchens with shine and others kill them: a matter of taste. But apart from that subjectivity, there are some objective elements that can help you in the decision.

The brightness of the kitchens with brightness

The gloss finish is more spectacular. The kitchen attracts attention. Obvious. Some say that the brightness gives a touch of modernity, but this, again, is subject to tastes, since the mate is also very current.

Not all glitters are the same. Look and you will see it clearly. Some have a “water” effect and others, the so-called “mirror effect” or “high gloss” have a more global, more uniform finish. If you want some advice, we encourage you to opt for mirror-like glare because, although both can have the same quality, the aesthetic result is more spectacular in the case of designs with high brightness.

The cleaning of a kitchen in shine is simpler and easier, since they are lacquered and waterproof surfaces, but it is also true that it stains more. Bright kitchens are more sensitive to touch and stains and our footprints are more marked.

The elegance of Matt kitchens

One of the great advantages of the kitchens in mate is that they get less dirty, but their cleaning (even being very simple) is not so much as in the kitchens with shine in which the cloth, directly, slides easily.

The surface of the matt kitchens either does not reflect the light or reflects it little, and the prints are not marked on them. A great bet is the super mate finishes with anti-fingerprint treatment that make these kitchens very practical places to battle day to day without complications.

The matt kitchens give the whole a more serene, more discreet and, in many occasions, more elegant touch.

As in bright kitchens, not all mates are the same and will depend on the material of which the furniture is composed: laminates, lacquers, etc.

Regarding touch, we will say that they earn the matt kitchens. The sensation they transmit is warmer than those of brightness, which are usually cooler.

What if my kitchen is small?

In relation to the space, it is interesting that you know that a kitchen with brightness makes a kitchen bigger, since it gives greater sensation of luminosity and spaciousness. Therefore, if the space you have is small or you hardly have natural light … think about the kitchen with brightness. Undoubtedly, bright kitchens are ideal for small kitchens and those that are dim.

If your kitchen is large enough, we advise you to find a balance between the bright elements and the matt. For example, kitchen furniture can be matte, but appliances cannot. Or you can opt for kitchen furniture in gloss and countertop, walls and floor in matt. In the contrast is, in many occasions, the attractiveness.

So … shine or matte?

That is your decision! It is your kitchen and your tastes. Now, you know what you earn with a bright kitchen and a matte kitchen. Imagine having breakfast in it … and you will see it clearly.

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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