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What Kind of Friend Are You?

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We think there’s a saying that goes something like, friends make the world go around. If by some strange set of circumstances, we’ve got that wrong, then no matter – because there should be.

Right now, you’re probably asking why. Well, that would be because your best friends are just as important as family – only they know you better. OK, they might not be quite as forgiving as family, but that’s a good thing – it keeps you in line. Equally, your friends better recognise and observe those boundaries than your family do. And if you do have friends who you’ve had major fallings out with, but somehow always manage to end up hugging and making up, that’s because those friends are the most special of all.

But what kind of friend are you? We’ve done some thorough research on this very subject (we haven’t), and have concluded that all friend types can be accurately narrowed down (they can’t) to 3 kinds. Here, we will describe those 3 friend types, and offer a little extra insight (unlikely) and advice (ignore it) along the way.

1. The flaky friend

They say unreliable, you say mercurial. They say frustrating, you say unpredictable. They say typical, you say unique. Perhaps you’re the flaky one, maybe your best buddy is. They’ll have you waiting on the corner for 20 minutes, only to then send WhatsApp message saying, best do it tomorrow instead. You got the tickets? They got bellyache. You got ready? They got tired. You went mad. They went somewhere else.

And yet, annoyingly, infuriatingly, there’s something wonderful about this person that you just can’t let go of. Their sense of humour, their generosity, their unparalleled warmth. Whatever it is, it’s enough to forgive and forget. Until the next time. Here’s an idea: chill out. If you know they’re likely to let you down, let them decide on what to do, and then you can choose whether to tag along or not. Give them a Willow Tree present to show you care (Heart of Gold figurine?), and when they’re ready, you will be, too.

2. The social butterfly

Wherever it is that you may be – a house party, a concert, an evening meal – you turn your back for but a second, and they’re gone. Chatting to guy with the bow tie, the girl with the flowers in her hair. They just love to meet new people. The problem is, you can be left feeling a little removed from the fun. Don’t take it personally; they’ll always end up coming back to you. Besides, with some people that simply their nature – they enjoy flirting, showing off, being funny and fun. Let them do it, know they will beforehand, and, if you can, take a leaf out of their book and try being a little more gregarious yourself.

3. The outspoken one

Some friends just don’t know when to keep quiet. Are you that person? Do find your mouth speaks just a second before your mind thinks? It can happen to the best of us, but for outspoken types, it just tends to happen more often than not. Thing is, outspoken friends are great to be around – there’s always a debate, always an opinion, always something to consider. If your friend is a little outspoken, just make sure you’re ready to give as good as you get. Read up, don’t let them bulldoze you – or anyone – with facts, and enjoy the ride.

That’s the other great thing about friends – it’s sometimes when they’re busy getting you in trouble that you’re busy having the best fun.

Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.

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