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Wedding suits

Wedding suits in 5 styles: what is yours?

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Formal and informal, elegant or fun, young and elegant wedding suits… Today the groom can choose from a variety of styles that best allows him to be himself, feel comfortable and look trendy on his big day.

The choice of the wedding suit depends on many factors, such as the style of the wedding, the aesthetics of the wedding dress and, of course, the menswear trends that best suit you. But what are the current trends? Discover them below.

Wedding suits: ChaquéWedding suits

It is the most traditional choice, especially indicated for formal ceremonies. All designers are still betting on the morning wear every year because although the protocol dictates that it is only appropriate for weddings during the day, many couples opt for it regardless of the time of the link. Of course, for weddings by day, blue ducats and graphite gray are the most indicated, while, in links of evening or night, black is the star color. Read more: Wedding invitations full of modernity and elegance

The jacket consists of classic-cut trousers, vests in different colors and Levita-style jackets (with a short front and a skirt at the back). In general, if the groom wears a dress, the sponsor and witnesses also usually wear it.

Wedding suits: Classic wedding suit

Sober and elegant, the classic suit is perfect for weddings that are not labeled, and is available in a variety of designs: straight jacket, fitted, two or three buttons … As for color, beyond black, blue marine and gray, the new season is committed to vibrant colors, such as electric blue, red, mustard, lilac or greens. They will cause a sensation, either alone or in combination: black or gray trousers and American colored trousers.

Another option is to combine fabrics, such as suits with striped pants and a plain jacket, for example. Although, in general, the classic suit is accompanied by a vest of the desired color, in more informal weddings it is usually dispensed with him and the tie. And in some cases, even the American one. To achieve a youthful and naive style, some couples opt for tweed or wool jackets combined with plain pants, colored shirts, tie or bow tie and handkerchief stamped on the pocket of the jacket. And to get an even more retro look, it uses a pocket watch.

Wedding suits: Suit with Levita wedding suit

More formal than the previous one, in this case, the conventional American is replaced by a longer jacket: the frock coat or semilevite. Both options are perfect for both day and evening weddings.

Wedding suits: Tuxedowedding suit

If you want to dress like a true English aristocrat, the tuxedo is your best option. Ideal for evening weddings, as long as the dress code is the label, black is usually the star color, although it admits different tonalities. It is complemented with the white shirt, bow tie and, sometimes, also with the sash.

Wedding suits: Tailswedding suit

Ideal for afternoon links, the trend in men’s bridal fashion marks blue, both intense and dark, and elegant combinations of black tails with white pique waistcoats. The distinctive sign of the coat is the jacket, cut in front and long behind, as well as the vest and bow tie of the same color. It is considered a costume of a maximum gala. Continue reading Wedding dress in 3 styles: what is yours?


So, did you have a clear idea for your wedding suits and now, suddenly, you find that you do not know what to choose? Chaqués, tuxedos, classic costumes, alternative … The days are approaching and you do not know where to start. But we do! To choose your ideal outfit, you should consider basic as the style that best suits you, as well as the style of the wedding, the finishes of the clothes, their colors, and accessories. And we make it even easier for you! Answer this test and find out which wedding suits will fit you in the “yes, I want”!

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