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Wedding dress in 3 styles: what is yours?

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To find the best way to look beautiful on your wedding day, one of the tactics is to focus that creative talent on the wedding dress so that your figure finds its best splendor. But if you are looking to complete a bridal look, the idea is to accompany it with a bridal hairstyle, shoes, bouquet, accessories and even lingerie. And if it’s a civil wedding dress you’re looking for, it does not mean you should reduce or simplify that creativity. This time we want to guide you by proposing 3 different styles for your bridal outfit so that you have them as an option for your Bday. What is yours?

Wedding dress: short dress with the long veilwedding dress

The first idea that we want to give you for your civil marriage, is a short dress with a round neckline and sleeveless. The upper part has a slight notch that gives shape to the waist, and then give way to wide boleros that accompany its tail termination. The back has a beautiful neckline in the shape of a diamond that gives the garment a touch of sensuality. Read more: The innovative idea for your wedding banquet: what is the ideal for you?

It is a dress that combines very well with a veil type waltz that goes to the calves. And if you think about how you can wear a great bridal hairstyle with the veil, you have different options, on the one hand, you can choose a  hairstyle that is low, creating a bow that can be casual, perfectly elaborate or include braids. Or show it with a subtle semi-choked on the crown and then drop the rest of the hair with some waves.

As for the accessories, what do you think if you escort them with bridal shoes with a platform, such as Rosa Clara ‘s wedge collection and fique sole? Perfect if it’s a country wedding or on the beach. Or it can be elegant high-heeled shoes with bright decorations on their strips, like those of the Albano Sposa collection.

Wedding dress: long dresswedding dress

The second option is a beautiful design by Alma Novia, called Rima. Her beautiful mermaid cut with lace, V-neck and a deep dug in the back, becomes one of the options in wedding dresses 2018. If you are also thinking of a decoration for civilian marriage that best accompanies this dress, the romantic style with flowers such as peonies or roses and warm tones is very good, or even the shabby chic.

The bridal shoes that can be worn with the dress are delicate with a heel, like the charming Menbur proposals with pearl details and small sequins. Or some more sober but elegant as those of Rosa Clará, platform, high heel and covered heel.

Finally, a hairstyle for long hair, which can be collected from high bun giving volume to the hair, accompanied by a diadem or tiara with bright, very feminine and romantic.

Wedding dress: Two-piece dresswedding dress

For those brides that instead of wearing a dress prefer to leave the traditional and look for clothes with pants, the options of the signature Raimon Bundó, can be for them. We see, for example, in the Dance model, the use of fabrics such as silk for the one-piece strapless neckline and tight-fitting trousers with a flared boot, combined with a shirred tulle body. A suggestive design and at the same time elegant.

The option of an outfit in trousers can be harmonized with high-heeled shoes, bare toe and in nudes such as nude or rosewood as the proposals of the Nicole collection. If, on the other hand, you choose not to wear a heel, Castañer’s shoe proposals are equally accepted, especially if it involves outdoor marriages. For the hairstyle, it can be completely loose with elegant undulations, it will only be enough with a line that divides the hair so that it can be placed towards one side of the head or with a false bob for example, with a delicate collected under and with some loose strands.

What did you think of these ideas? When it comes to reflecting your style, it is best that you inject it into the design of the invitation cards. Remember that there is nothing more original than knowing the rules and then breaking them, and that is how celebrities mark their own tendencies. You can also do it, even for the honeymoon and the best idea to surprise your partner with a beautiful lingerie. Continue reading TRENDING NOW: WEDDING BANQUET FOR THE MOST ORIGINAL TRENDS OF 2018


The wedding dress is, always after the groom, one of the aspects that excite and excites, when it comes to organizing the wedding. If you are looking for the perfect design in the capital and want to know where you can try the new collections, do not miss this selection of wedding dress. So I can say that the wedding dress can be simple, without many details and with vaporous and comfortable fabrics.




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