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wedding day

Tips for dressing up at a wedding day

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Wedding day-After the excitement of receiving your best friend’s wedding invitation, surely all kinds of questions will come to mind about what the label that will mark the costume of the guests. And bridesmaids will be like. Many people panic when they think about the options on what to wear. There are several factors to consider and that is why today we want to help you in this article of our blog with some tips on the dresses that are usually used at a wedding during the day. As well as accessories and some important details that you will surely love.

Although it is true that we will normally have attended many more weddings during the night than during the day. It is no less true that in recent years the number of links made at noon times has multiplied. Then continue with a great banquet and end with a great party that lasts until the body endures in which the live music of an orchestra. Or musical group contracted for the occasion should not be missing.

Weddings that are held during the day have some characteristics that differentiate them from weddings that take place in the afternoon and evening. Differences that go beyond the hour. And it is that for weddings during the day, the protocol is completely different. And with it our way of dressing and the accessories that we will use to wear during that special day if we are invited. That’s why choosing the best dresses for day weddings that fit your style is crucial for you to feel amazing. And have a great time on this day.

How to Dress at a Wedding Day

 wedding day

The attire for a wedding is always a talk with friends. And if the event is over during the day. The possibilities can be a bit confusing. Here are some suggestions to know how to dress at a wedding day.

You have been invited to a wedding to be held during the day, and the million dollar question underlies: what should I wear? Well, here are some tips to choose the most appropriate outfit for daytime weddings, whether formal or informal.

Wedding Day colors and prints

The dress or outfit for a daytime ceremony and celebration should be lighter, simple, colorful or clear.

Try not to wear black or dark colors, as these are more suitable for the night. However, do not look white or off White, as this is the color reserved only for the bride.

You can take the opportunity to choose floral prints, garments of layers with a lot of volume in the skirt area. And also short dresses or knee length. The materials can be light and volatile, leaving heavy goods for the night. Try not to show brightness. Because during the day they are inadequate.

If you choose to wear striking print attire at the wedding day, whether floral, geometric. Or other, try to lower them a tone with accessories of plain colors, such as sashes, belts, scarves and others. On the other hand, if you choose a garment of a plain color for the daytime event. You can place the details in more striking tones, to give more life to the outfit.

Remember that during the day defects and variations in fabrics are highly visible. At night you may wear an outfit of two garments whose color is not exactly the same. But will be disguised with artificial lights. By day, however, even the most subtle difference will be noticeable. Therefore, choose a dress of a single garment, or two or more in abominable colors, without seeking to be identical when they are not. If it is not of the same material and gender roll, leave it for the night.

Accessories for daytime weddings

 wedding day

When it comes to accessories for day weddings, you can wear overcoats, ruanas, pamelas, throws, headdresses and even heavier coats, if the weather demands it.

Try to have a light appearance, in light colors according to the tone of the chosen dress. And no matter how cold you are, do not wear day gloves, as these are only suitable for formal evening dresses.

Hats are an ideal garment for day marriages, as they will protect you from the sun, as well as being elegant and entertaining. Since you should not wear them at night weddings, take the opportunity to wear hats to the tone. You can also wear sunglasses if the wedding is outdoors: although stylists and image professionals do not recommend its use, the protection of our eyes will always come first. Wear sunglasses if you feel the need to do so.

Jewels are always allowed at day weddings, as long as they are not too ostentatious. Leave rings, earrings and bulky necklaces for evening events. Instead, for the day choose accessories and elegant jewelry, although simple.

Tips for Dressing in a Wedding Day

A wedding is a religious ceremony, through which the beginning of marriage is celebrated. Generally a wedding is a rite that formalizes the union between two people.

It is not the same to attend an event that is celebrated during the day than a night one, so if you want to dress appropriately I recommend that you continue reading this post.

Men should always wear a jacket suit, never a jacket, unless the bride and groom say so.

For example; if the boyfriend goes to bed, the brothers, witnesses and parents of the spouses must also wear the same suit as the boyfriend.

The suits suitable for a day wedding are light colored, such as light blue, gray, khaki and we must combine it with other darker shades for the tie.

In the case of gentlemen, the suits can be a bit more modern but the use of the tie is also essential.

We must choose the suit according to our age. For example; if you are young you should use modern costumes and if you are older you should use elegant and more sophisticated costumes.

In the spring and summer season weddings are more frequent to take advantage of the day and the sun.

Finally, remember that even if it is an elegant event, the day wedding schedule suggests some reservation when it comes to showing more skin. The necklines can be sensual, but without excesses. The lengths of the garments can show the legs, without being too short. Thus, you will always be in tune with the event in question.

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