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tips for shopping

Some tips for shopping

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Whether you go As such, I know a thing about some tips for shopping and how to do it and so does the rest of The Frisky staff. Many stores have carts or shopping baskets to help you load the items you are buying while you are in the store.

Baskets, shopping trolleys and shopping bags tips for shoppingtips for shopping

At the cash register, many stores, especially grocery stores, encourage the use of their own reusable shopping bags to take their items. If you do not have a reusable bag, you may have to pay a small amount (of money) for the plastic bags offered by the store. You can buy reusable bags for less than a dollar at most large grocery stores.

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Payment for purchases tips for shoppingtips for shopping

In most stores, you choose the items you want to buy and take them to the cash register (cash register) to pay. The cashier will add your bill. It is important to check that you are being charged the correct amount for the items you are buying. The amount you have to pay will be shown at the cash register.

Be alert to the pressure of sales of the dependents (of stores) who work by commission (of sales) -they do not charge (payment) until they sell something, and receive extra payment if they sell more. Sometimes they can convince you that you need to buy your product or service when you do not really need it. This is common in car dealerships or distributors, stores selling furniture and appliances and some electronics stores, for example.

Sometimes stores offer “extended warranty” – you have to pay extra if you want the store guarantee that the item will work for a certain period of time. Carefully analyze whether it is worth paying extra for such a guarantee.

Receipts and Returns tips for shoppingtips for shopping

You must get a receipt for everything you buy. It is a proof of purchase that shows what, when, where and how much you paid for an item.

It is important to keep your receipts. If you need to return something that you bought (because it is not suitable, it has a defect, etc.), take your receipt with the item and all the packaging back to the store where you bought it. The return policies are different from one store to another. These can vary from a policy of not accepting returns (final sale), up to a week or a month. Sometimes, a store that generally accepts returns has certain items on sale that can not be returned.

Guarantee tips for shoppingtips for shopping

Some items that you buy have a guarantee. This means that either the store or the manufacturer (sometimes both) guarantee that if the purchased item is broken in a certain period of time or does not work at all, you can return it and get your money back, or change the item by other.

It is a good idea to check before buying an item, if you have a guarantee, especially if it is an expensive item.

Comparing prices tips for shoppingtips for shopping

Prices for the same item or similar can change from store to store. Remember to compare prices. If you are going to pay a lot of money to buy something, it is a good idea to find some information about the item that you intend to buy, before buying it. Ask your friends, relatives or neighbors for their opinion on the item you plan to buy. You can also search the Internet for consumer reports or comments to compare prices and product quality.

Offers and Advertising  tips for shopping tips for shopping

In times of offers, stores reduce the price of some items for a short period of time. These items are usually marked with a special price tag. A bid price can mean a discount percentage (for example, 20% less than the original price), a dollar amount (for example, $ 10 less than the original price), the purchase of multiple items (for example, buy two items and get another free), or no sales tax.

Sometimes advertising or advertisements can be deceptive. Ask about quotas or additional parts that have to be purchased (for example, the computer or computer could be on sale, but you would have to buy the electric cable separately). Think about what you see in the offers signs – the ads may want to trade you or confuse you to buy something that you do not need or to believe that something is cheaper, when in fact it is not.

Whether you want to make more of your money or buy smarter, we present these tips for shopping. Discover these tips and put them into practice the next time you go to the supermarket.


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