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How to choose the most suitable tire for your motorcycle

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Choosing the suitable tire for your motorcycle should not be just for money. In this report we will review the different types of tires for off-road. And also its main characteristics for endure, motocross, trail or trial.

A good suitable tire for a field motorcycle should not be chosen just for economic reasons. The first thing we should think about is the use that we are going to give it. And the first consideration that you should make yourself is if you are going to use your motorcycle on roads open to traffic. Or even some road section. As you well know, the motorcycle has the same legal considerations as any motor vehicle. And must have the documentation in order, including its ITV, lighting system and approved tires!

To see whether or not the tires are approved for normal use, on the open road. And you should look at the inscriptions of their flanks.

Enduro-approved tires are called FIM tires. Formerly they were called ecological tires. They carry the DOT labeling system. And the European Union ECE label. The height of the studs must not exceed 13 mm. and it has a system of tacos that do not degrade the terrain so much. If we compare it for example with one of motocross. Trial tires are also valid, as a rule, for driving on the road.

How to choose endure  motorcycle suitable tire

suitable tire

On the side of the suitable tire you will also find a series of symbols that will indicate if these tires are only for competition. Those of NHU (Not for Highway Use) or NHS (Not for Highway Service). With these tires we will not be able to drive on roads or roads open to normal traffic. Or what is the same, they will only be valid for the circuit and would not pass an ITV inspection.

Trail motorcycle tires are the ones indicated if your routes combine tracks, up to an acceptable level of difficulty, and asphalt road. They are not the perfect tires for off-road.Bbut they will offer us the right grip to make tracks without losing much control of the motorcycle. You have them more asphaltic (almost on the road). Or with some more taco, which will give us less tact. And will compromise us for example on wet asphalt. If yours is the endure trail, this will be your tire.

They are a type of suitable tire that derive from those of motocross. But because of the configuration and height of their tires they receive the homogenization to drive on the road.  In this case you must take extreme precautions, especially in wet asphalt. They have a less aggressive taco for the environment than the cross, do not destroy roads so much. And have good wear resistance. Its tacking is designed to offer good traction. And above all, good braking on surfaces such as loose soil or mud. Those that are oriented towards the raid have a less soft compound. And offer more duration than pure endure ones.

Endure tires can be hard, medium and soft. This division is usually due more to the type of terrain for which they are indicated, rather than the composition of their tires.

Tires for Trial or Excursion motorcycles

Trial tires are also approved for use on public roads. Their more compact and tidy tacking makes them very little aggressive to drive on roads. It’s very soft compounds offer a lot of grip on asphalt roads. We will see them not only on trial bikes. Also on trial excursions or the simplest endure bikes that are also called Free ride. They are designed to work with very low pressures, for example 0.5 kg / cm2 behind, which will cause the tires to flare  if we go fast on roads or roads. They are so soft that they will wear out if we use them intensively on roads or asphalt.

Motocross motorcycle tires

These can only be used in closed circuits and competitions for this type of motorcycle. In no case should we use them for roads open to normal traffic and much less for asphalt roads, where their grip would compromise your safety. His tacos are taller, with more mordant. Also the separation of their studs varies depending on the terrain where they will be used. You can find them with four compounds for sand, soft mixed, hard and hard mixed. Its rubber is also somewhat harder than those of FIM endure tires, so many endure tire users use them for their longer life.

Camera, tubeless or mousse

As a rule, off-road motorcycles usually go with a camera. There are only exceptions in trial where the very low pressure that we carry on the rear wheel forces us to carry a tubeless. And in endure and raids where it has been imposed it is mousse that is a camera with a Inner, solid gel that does not puncture. Or suffer if the tire suffers a strong blow or tries to break the suitable tire.

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