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Filtered out! Before you, the Ferrari 488 “Sports Speciale”: the most radical and powerful eight-cylinder Ferrari?

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This is the first image of the new Ferrari 488 “Sports Speciale”. His name has not yet been officially confirmed, and Ferrari refers to the car as “Sports Special Series “. It has been filtered to the Internet through Instagram and confirms the leaks brought to light by Ferrari Photo page a few days ago. This is a version of even more performance of the Ferrari 488 GTB, focused on the purists of driving, the Ferrari star who are regulars to an exclusive track day. Essentially it is to the Ferrari 488 GTB what the Ferrari 458 Speciale was to the Ferrari 458 Italia. What little we can see we like, and a lot.

The Ferrari 488 Sports SpecialeSports Speciale

In this article we do not have much more information to contribute to the article published just a few days ago, those rumors seem to be very well founded. This hardcore version of the Ferrari 488 GTB launches a completely redesigned front, extremely aggressive, which seems taken from the Ferrari 488 Challenge – in which many of its components are based, both technical and functional level. Have you noticed the front aerodynamic channel? The car seems noticeably wider than the standard Ferrari 488 GTB, so you would think that its track width has been modified. Read more: And this is the Ferrari 488 Speciale uncovered before hours

A detail that we can appreciate better is its new tires built in carbon fiber, up to 40% lighter than some light alloy wheels. The unit shown is red with white stripes, which will possibly be chosen by the brand when it is presented at the next Geneva Motor Show, in just over a month. Little more we can extract from this image – unfortunately, we can not see the back of the car – beyond the presence of almost competition seats, which shyly appear in the passenger compartment. This supercar of at least 705 HP of power promises, and a lot.

It will have more than 700 horsepower and will be largely based on the Ferrari 488 Challenge competition. A declaration of intentions.

The engine of this Ferrari 488 will be based on the competition unit, and its power will be at least 705 HP, focusing its sights clearly on heavyweights like the Porsche 911GT2 RS, presented just a few months ago at Goodwood. This high-flying engine will be accompanied by an improved gearbox and electronics, which should bring its dynamic behavior to levels never before seen in the brand. Be patient, because fortunately, we will meet you in a few weeks. Moreover, we can approach him and tell you all his details at the Geneva Motor Show.

The most radical version of the Ferrari 488 GTBSports Speciale

Ferrari has presented this advance of a sports car that, without a doubt, has given much to talk about lately , either for a filtered photograph , or for some of the data that has emerged and is already rumored out there , pointing to a really radical point, a lot of carbon fiber and at least 700 HP of power.

And investigating this video, almost frame by frame, we can find that, at least the aerodynamic work, can fit with what is seen in these leaks.

Unless surprised, the name Sports Speciale will be in the name of this version of the Ferrari 488. We do not know if as a Sports Speciale to dry, following the tradition of 458, or as Sports Speciale.

The proximity of Geneva leads us to believe that this will be one of the surprises that had kept us Ferrari for one of the most important events of the year in Europe , where it should also be the ultimate sports presented by Ferrari, a new Ferrari Portofino that it comes as a substitute for California T with the recipe for the most versatile sports car, for day to day, mixing comfort and sportsmanship. Continue reading At the wheel of the Ferrari Portofino, the substitute for California

Conclusion: The new “Sports Speciale” based on the Ferrari 488 would bet precisely on the contrary, for becoming a benchmark of the central sports car and one of the Ferraris – if not the fastest – in street and circuit.


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