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Your Sports Objectives for June 2018

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Your Sports Objectives for June 2018 very good to all team. Little is left to end a great year. Both personally, professionally, and in sports, has been a previous year. Incredible personal experiences, professional growth, and progress in the sports field in each competition.

And for next year, what? Have you already thought about how you want to face it? If you still do not have your list of purposes, here I am to help you. Your sporting goals for 2018. Achievable goals so that you can give the best version of you and reach your sporting challenges easier and free of injuries


While more and more people and sports coaches are finally giving importance to strength training beyond the mere goal of hypertrophy, for me it has always been and is, VITAL. Whatever the general objective you have: weight loss, improve your physical condition, improve your appearance, improve in the sport you practice, run more and better etc. Keep reading http://tennis-open.net/recommendations-reduce-unforced-errors-matches/

The concept of force is very broad, but what we all understand is that it is a quality of the human being. As such, it must be developed, improved and, therefore, trained.

In all sports, force is applied in one way or another, therefore, from the sporting point of view, you have to train it beyond the classic exercises of general toning. Focused also on the sporting gesture of each activity. Read more 5 tips to get the most out of tennis psychology

But there is still more, and for HEALTH in general, strength training is VITAL, if we want to live more years with an excellent quality of life. There are innumerable scientific pieces of evidence in this regard, for all types of populations: women in pre-post menopause period, elderly people, adolescents, cancer patients etc.


Ysabel del barrio onmytrainingshoes objectives new year good purposes new year Reebok women sportswear lifestyle wellness career technique motion control running is something more

You already know me, and the technical and execution part of the exercises, for me, is fundamental and to which special attention must be devoted.

The better you move, the more control and body awareness you have, the better performance you’ll get from each training session. And also, more performance in the sport you practice.

It is not a matter of running a lot, but of RE-LEARNING TO RUN and having and taking care of the technical part of the movement pattern of the race. And the same, with the sport you practice.

The greater the control of the movements, the lower the risk of injury. And this aspect is key if we want to continue enjoying sports.

On the web, you have a specific section of this type of work and exercises: PRE-HAB + MOBILITY.


Isabel of the neighborhood onmytrainingshoes goals new year good purposes new year Reebok women sportswear lifestyle wellness wellness

As you know, I come from classical dance, where you control the movement with a lot of practice and dedication. In addition, the work of flexibility and mobility was part of each of the sessions and ballet classes.

Nowadays, the importance of a good previous work is once again brought to the attention of the improvement of the joint ranges, recover the functionality of each musculoskeletal structure, and finally, the supplementary work of flexibility.

From weightlifters, CrossFit athletes, yogis, to runners and triathletes, I invite you to start spending a good time of your weekly training to train both your mobility and flexibility.


From Yoga sessions of different disciplines, calisthenics, boxing, or riding. Whatever it is that I suppose leave what you master and allow you to develop other skills, overcome certain fears, and ultimately, help you gain confidence in yourself.

Last year I started self-giving a bonus of Yoga sessions, committing myself to give my body, at least once a week, a good practice.

Since then, I try almost daily to do a practice of about 30 minutes every morning.

Now in these winter months, many different activities are presented, which take us out of the routine while allowing us to develop our skills and physical qualities in other sports: cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, trekking, sports gymnastics classes, dance classes …

I encourage you and challenge you to incorporate a new activity into your weekly plan. Soon I will tell you about the new activity that I have begun to practice; I anticipate that you will love it and it is suitable for everyone.


Ysabel del barrio onmytrainingshoes objectives new year good purposes new year Reebok women sportswear lifestyle wellness technique exercises exercise is something more training

A good way to progress is to improve the technical gesture and execution of the exercises.

To do this, we must concentrate very well on a work of exercise technique, until we achieve them correctly before continuing to progress with the loads, training volume, rhythms, etc.

What if at least two days a week you dedicate 10 minutes to the work of exercise technique?

You can start with the SQUAT-SQUAT work, FUNDAMENTAL PUSH-TRACTION MOVEMENTS, career technique exercises, uphill / downhill running technique, rubber exercises to improve the CRA BRACKET, etc.

It is these weeks of pre-season I am focusing on improving the technique of many of the exercises I work with my athletes, exercises with the bar as the front squat, the hip thrust.

If you do not know where to start here I leave you 2 videos, SQUAT, and BUTTOCK ACTIVATION … so that you can work on two of the mini-challenges in one go.


Do you already have any first objective or test A – important insight in the first quarter of the year?

It does not have to be a race or ultra distance test, much less, so you can start by establishing a race of 5 K, or 10K if you’ve run these distances before, down your personal brand, or what I know.

What is clear is that we move by objectives and small challenges. Let’s start with the short term, and focus attention on these first months before going further. A measurable goal, achievable and dated.


Last week, I shared with you some of the strategies I follow to look at things and face problems with an open mind and broader perspective. I told you what my 5 basic Pillars were for a Strong and Positive Mind. Continue reading Tips to Achieve Sports Goals in 2018

As you can see, they are objectives within the reach of each and every one of us. There are not many, so we can turn our attention to them. What do you think? Which one would you add?  And besides, I do not know about you, but in my case, when I have achieved a weekly or monthly challenge, I congratulate myself for it, I give myself a whim. So, for yours truly I have left this complete look.

It’s the new thing to run with this cold of Reebok; so that you can give yourself this Christmas because you have been good. Nothing like releasing something new to go out running with more desire

Well, team, for my part I already have blank paper, pen in hand, many important things that I want to pay special attention to continue growing and improving this coming year. Now it’s your turn.



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