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Tips to Achieve Sports Goals in 2018

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With the new year many people mark sports goals to resume healthy life and, in this sense, María García, a psychologist of Blue de Sanitas, offers several tips to achieve it. According to the psychologist, the objectives have to be possible: making a realistic planning of the objectives we want to achieve helps us to implement more effective strategies and strengthen our commitment to these objectives. Sports Goals

Few people recognize the role of the sports technician as an essential professional in the advice and planning of the exercise. The differences of training with your clear advice, exercise is medicine; as argued by the American College of Sports Medicine, since it acts like any drug in which there is a relationship between dose and response, with possible side effects.

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How to achieve your New Year’s sports goals? Through these actions that only depend on you.

Choose three sports goalssports goals

They must be goals that excite you, that give you a personal gain with your compliance, that provide an advantage that you do not have now. Visualize those goals in your mind, reflect on how you feel and meditate on whether that effort compensates you.

Unite the general objective with specific objectivessports goals

That is, that general goal has to be linked to other short-term objectives that connect with that universal purpose. Imagine that you want to lose weight and that sport is an ally of this slimming process combined with a healthy diet, so, one of the steps you need to specify is how many days you will go to the gym and at what time. The specific objectives are those specific actions that bring you closer to your final sports goal.

Sports goals purposesSports goals

The more information you put in writing about these New Year’s resolutions and this later development, the easier it will be to be able to track your progress, setbacks and possible points of improvement. In addition, it may happen that, for example, during the month of February you decide to rethink one of these purposes.

Writing a sports goals diary sports goals

Writing a sports goals diary can be a pleasant experience since not only yoga, mindfulness or meditation allow you to harmonize body and mind. Through the writing of a sports newspaper, you also perform a mental training that is therapeutic to improve your physical concentration.

Share your sports goals  purposessports goals

In addition to writing down your sports goals purposes in a journal, you can also share those goals that excite you with important people for you. In this way, your level of commitment increases when you involve other loved ones that this goal is meaningful to you.

Likewise, in this way, you open yourself to the possibility of receiving other suggestions, opinions or constructive criticism. You are the owner of your decisions, however, sometimes, your gaze reaches a certain point and, the look of another person can complement your own point of view.

In turn, if at some point you feel unmotivated with one of these purposes, something very realistic on the other hand, talking to someone you trust will help you not to throw in the towel at the slightest obstacle.

Prize sports goals   sports goals

It is true that the main prize is that which arises from the fulfillment of a purpose, however, you can also specify what tribute you will give yourself after the effort to fulfill the action plan.

The own objectives of the new year are a symptom of the personal evolution pursued by any professional or amateur athlete. The real challenge of the New Year is to define professional sports goals, but also to fulfill them. There are the development and learning. And to fulfill them. You must start by making a good definition of your purposes, otherwise, if you do not specify the appropriate point of arrival, you run the risk of reaching the most unexpected place.


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