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10 snow sports to do with children

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There are many and varied options that are presented to lovers of so-called snow sports, not only during the winter but also throughout the year and for all types of public, from the most experienced to those who have never practiced this type of sports. The culture of the snow has spread and is a sport in constant growth during the last years in Spain and it is common to practice them as a family.

Some such as skiing, snowboarding or skating are well known to everyone but there are others that are not so recognizable by the general public and although they are just as fun. In Toads and Princesses and we tell you everything you need to know about them.

Ski  snow sports

best snow sports

This sport is, without a doubt, the best known of all snow sports. Its operation is simple, but the practice needs training, a lot of patience and good equipment. It consists of sliding through the snow, by means of two boards attached to the sole of the skier’s boots and two rods that allow the skier to position himself correctly.

There are multiple modalities, such as alpine skiing, acrobatic, bottom or speed. A variant of skiing is snowboarding. The skiing is another extreme winter sport, which keeps its similarities to the snowboard, the difference is that in order to practice, rather than a large table, 2 thinner boards, one for each foot are used, which are accompanied for 2 canes.

This sport has a great influence on the society of many countries of the northern hemisphere since it is a sport that not only attracts professional skiers but serves as a social practice that unites families and groups of friends alike. Have you already decided which winter sport to practice when you go to the snow?


top snow sports

Your technique is similar to that of skiing, but in this case, you should try to slide on the snow uploaded to a board and without the help of the sticks. The basic equipment to practice it is the mentioned snowboard, the fixings to hold on to the board and the boots. Snowboarding fuses the aesthetics of surfing and skiing.

The snowboard, also called snowboarding, becomes an extreme sport, since a special table to move on completely covered slopes for snow used: This sport is so popular that, like hockey, was included as a discipline at the Games Winter Olympics. Like all sports that are practiced in the snow, the team is usually very technical and resistant against the cold, because both the cold clothes and the tools used are usually prepared for falls and blows

Split board

snow sports to do with children

It is practiced with a snowboard that can be separated into two parts. The two pieces are used as skis to climb slopes. The two halves can be joined to form a snowboard for the descent.


Two teams of four participants compete against each other by sliding granite rocks of 20 kg each on an ice shelf. The objective is to throw those stones towards a marked area, called “house”. For each stone inside the house, or closer to its center, the teams get a point. It is a precision sport, similar to petanque.


discover snow sports

An outdoor activity that allows you to jump down a few snow slides using a circular mattress. Sitting on it and wearing a protective helmet, athletes descend the tracks at full speed. In the snow gardens of the ski resorts, there are slides and areas reserved for your practice.

Loge,  Skeleton, and  Bobsleigh

Those who practice any of these sports, glide at high speed by a steep slope on a small sled in order to finish the course in the shortest time possible. In the case of the luge, the athlete is placed face up, with the feet forward and the sled is small in size. In the skeleton, the runner is face down and descends head first. The runners who opt for the bobsleigh have two pairs of skis, one in front and one behind and the sled has direction, brake, and skate.

Ice skating

a snow sports

The skaters perform a series of elegant acrobatic movements on the ice to the rhythm of the music. If it is done individually, it is artistic. On the other hand, if it is done in a group, we talk about synchronized ice skating, in which all participants must perform the same choreography in a coordinated and simultaneous manner.


The rackets facilitate and make it possible to walk without excessive efforts on the snow.  You will be informed about routes of different lengths and difficulty adapted to all ages. Snowshoeing offers numerous possibilities to enjoy the mountain, as is the practice of hiking. A sport suitable for all ages and levels.

Mashing or sledding with dogs

Although it is currently considered a sport, it has been and still is today a form of Nordic transport characterized by the use of dogs and skis. You can approach the sled with dogs, one of the children’s favorites, reserving in ski resorts or with specialized agents.

Ice hockey

top snow sports to do with children

It is played between two teams of six players with skates on an ice rink. The skaters direct a puck or puck with a cane stick in English to try to score in the opponent’s goal. In the end, the team that has scored the most goals wins. It is important to be equipped with all kinds of protections since it is a physical sport in which charges are made with the body on the opponent. Okay, it may be a purely American sport, does not mean that it is not a highly sought after activity by countries with the four seasons.

The hockey is a winter sport of strong contact because even the clothing is prepared to withstand both the sharp blows of the opponents, as the same cold that, if not taken care of in the right way, could be risky to the health of the players. It is played on courts that are ice skating rinks adapted to the style of normal soccer, with a goal and 2 teams consisting of 6 players each.

Finally, many people, especially from countries where we do not have stations, the dream of visiting those places full of snow, which we can only see in videos – usually in the classic promotional videos, where athletes are doing their stunts with a dynamic music background full of adrenalin. These videos make us want to practice a sport in the snow as soon as possible. However, before going to practice snow sports, we must take into account a series of details to be able to play these sports in an orderly and healthy way, points like the place to travel, the right clothes for the intense cold and, above everything, the concrete sport that you will play; this last point defines the place of destination and the type of clothing

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