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In today’s article we will see examples of small white kitchens 2019. When you have little space in the kitchen it is best to bet everything for the color white. Although it can be somewhat dirty, and more so in a room that suffers so much use throughout the day, it is the best option. It helps that there is more luminosity and that the kitchen looks much bigger than it is.

In addition, with a good combination with materials such as wood and steel you can get modern and cozy finishes that you will love. This trend, of Nordic style, is one of the most booming today, and you should not lose track.

Kitchens small and white 2019

Kitchens small white kitchens

If you are looking for ideas of small and white kitchens to redesign yours, think not only about the style, but also the materials. Look for easy to clean counter tops, and put the furniture resistant to the bustle of the kitchen. Think especially about the splash zone of both the tap and the stove.

Small white kitchens flowers roses

Also, if you choose bright finishes for some areas the whole room will look brighter. Yes, does not abuse the gloss finish or in the end you’ll get it too. It is better to center it on counter tops, for example, and leave the furniture in a Matt finish.

We recommend breaking the monotony of the white with some details in color. For example, you can introduce color home appliances, or cans to store nonperishable food such as lentils or pasta. Anyway, any element that breaks a little with the absolute white aesthetics will make the kitchen cozier.

We will see how to take advantage of the small kitchens, and then we will go into detail on how to bring the white color to this room in the house. You will get a fantastic kitchen!

Small kitchens often have storage problems. That is why this is one of the first aspects that you must take into account. You need cabinets to store dishes and glasses, pots and pans. Kitchen textiles, cutlery and small appliances. In addition, you probably do not have a separate pantry, which is falling into disuse, so you also need space to store food.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the subject of storage so you do not miss anything. The cabinets that are hung on the wall, the superior ones, do not usually have much background. Keep in mind that you must have space to handle yourself. So these cabinets usually have the depth of the extractor hood. Therefore, large pans or pots will not fit in these cabinets. You must reserve a space of the base cupboards to store the big things.

On the other hand, as we have said, you need space for small appliances. If you leave all of the counter tops you will have no space to cook. And at the same time you’ll be cramming the room and make it harder to use and look messy and small.

If you have enough space to eat in the kitchen, a good option is to take advantage of that area. Instead of putting a table with chairs you can perhaps do what is called a breakfast bar. A high area to use with stools, which also occupy less than chairs, which allows you to store things underneath. You can create it with several joined cupboards that have a counter top above. In this way, do not give up the eating area, but not the space to store things.

To take advantage of the space more visually and to ensure that small kitchen is not overloaded, we recommend integral kitchens. Those that unify all the furniture and appliances in a large block. Visually they seem more homogeneous and orderly. If you put different elements with your designs and measurements it will look like a collage and overwhelm the eye.

If you choose to include some element of color to break the monotony it is best to opt for a light color. At least, flee from black or dark gray. These colors absorb a lot of light and dwarf the spaces.

Small white kitchens 2019

The designs of 2019 white kitchens are of all kinds. You can find furniture more similar to the classics that have been used for kitchens. But you can also find modern and daring options that will give your kitchen a totally new air.

Sometimes it is enough to change the front of the wardrobe and drawers to renew the stay without the need for a large sum of money and many hours of work.

There are many appliances with white finish on the market. However, we recommend you opt for those with metallic finish. You will see that the combination is beautiful and gives a touch of color to your kitchen.

As we have said, white kitchens are very dirty. Consider using a wooden counter top to make you suffer more from day to day.

The idea is to have a good window that allows you to receive natural light in your white kitchen. This way it will look bigger and look more beautiful. If this is not the case, think about how you are going to place the artificial lighting points. In the dark winter days you will need to use them to cook and enjoy the stay. Small kitchens white black cabinets

The small white kitchens can be very nice if you know how to decorate them. Do not think that they should be outdated or boring. Nowadays there are many options in terms of materials, furniture, designs, etc. A quick look at the catalogs of the main kitchen stores will help you to get an idea of ​​everything you can get.

Benefits of small white kitchens

Benefits of small white kitchens

When looking for more lighting and sense of space in the kitchen the first thing to think about is the color to use in these spaces.

The colors that can be used to decorate the home and even the kitchen are many, however, when choosing a specific tonality should be evaluated the characteristics of the place as is its size and the lighting that distinguishes the area.

In the kitchen, clarity and order must prevail, which is why the size of this area is always taken into account to determine what color can provide those sensations. In small kitchens always seeks to create a feeling of greater breadth and lighting is why one of the favorite colors is white.

The white color is one of the few tones that, in addition to providing much more beautiful spaces, offer greater amplitude and illumination.  When decorating you should think about the way to use this color, because with this you can create different environments and styles.

The white color can be combined with other materials to extend the elegance in this space, for example you can use white furniture with wooden counter top, silt stone or dark granite. The choice of a particular style will directly depend on the tastes of the people and especially the rest of the kitchen decoration.  To decorate with a rustic and romantic style you have to choose white wood furniture with a pickled finish.

For people who prefer vintage style, only using furniture that plays with wood and glass will quickly create this style. When decorating with white color should be avoided abuse with this color. So it is recommended to combine it with other colors such as bright colors, which fill with joy to the whole place.

One of the most used combinations is to combine white with neutral. And soft colors, which creates a much more elegant and classic space.  The best way to use the white color is that this tone manages to harmonize perfectly with all materials such as vinyl, silt stone, dark granite, marble, glass, etc.

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