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Are you looking for a single appointment? The five most original bars in the world that you have to visit

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Single appointment shows the efforts to find love by a group of people with various disabilities or physical or mental illnesses. This reality, twice proposed as the best program of the year at the BAFTA Awards in the United Kingdom, will make us put ourselves in the shoes of these people who, despite the difficulties, do not give up the dream of finding their better half.

The bars were born simply as places to drink something refreshing, in which the protagonist was beer. But the truth is that they have evolved and today we can find sites with sophisticated letters and varied styles that lead them to become meeting points for all kinds of meetings and celebrations among colleagues, friends, and couples.

In some points, they are even the center that gives life to the town or the city and attracts all kinds of people, which led to the creation of establishments that stand out for their originality and curiosity, where a refreshing drink can be a whole new experience. If you want to discover new places for a single appointment, you must know the most original bars in the world, ready to give you a different evening.

Skeleton Bar (Gruyeres, Switzerland) for a single appointmentsingle appointment

In a renovated castle over 500 years old is this curious bar, created by art designer Hans Rudi Giger as a true masterpiece, which simulates the interior of a monster in which its skeleton shapes the whole place, giving, as a result, a terrifying but wonderful complex. Here, you can also enjoy a private art collection, as it also has a museum. Read more: The 5 most original bars in the world: Ideal to have a different date!

The Red Sea Star Bar (Eilat, Israel) for a single appointmentsingle appointment

Known as the first submarine bar in the world, this place is submerged six meters under the Red Sea, and 90 meters from the coast of the city of Eilat. Its design is based on a star sea, but its interior was created as an extension of the surrounding landscape, so it can find the sand floor and lamps shaped jellyfish.

The sensation of enjoying an exquisite gastronomy with your partner, at the same time that you delight with the marine diversity that can be appreciated from any of its 62 windows, is incomparable!

Nevermind Bar (Barcelona, Spain) for a single appointment

single appointmentIf you have a rock and revolutionary spirit, you will fall in love with this bustling place in the heart of Barcelona. Walls with graffiti, urban decoration, the best of Grunge, Rock and Punk, and even ramps to skate inside. These are the factors that make this bar a must for those looking to get out of the ordinary, in an environment full of freedom and good music. And as if that were not enough … there is Happy Hour in beers and Pop Corn for free!

The Club Mine (Zacatecas, Mexico) for a single appointment

single appointmentCan you imagine starting a train trip to the interior of a mine, where there is an incredible bar-discotheque? Well, this is the entrance to this spectacular place located 184 meters deep, where formerly worked a mine in which it was exploited silver and gold.

Here you can have an unforgettable date, enjoying good music in a place where its natural decoration, whose paths seem like invitations to look for a treasure, mixes with the futuristic style of its ambiance and lighting. Definitely, having an encounter in the depths of the earth will turn your appointment into a unique moment!

Overtoom 301 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) for a single appointmentsingle appointment

A place that combines the best of two worlds: sports and drinking beer. Great, right? Its main attraction is the ping-pong table in which several people play at the same time, but for everyone to participate, every 10 minutes an accountant warns that it is time to give the table to new competitors. This bar that captivates people of all ages is located in one of the most beautiful shopping streets in Amsterdam.

A very modern setting dresses the interior of this place, where you can listen to alternative music while you drink sodas at a great price. It also has rooms where you can enjoy concerts.

So now you know, if you want to have an unforgettable date, the world offers us infinite options of very original bars that you can not miss. Continue reading The 5 most original bars in the world to have a very special date

Finally, there are corners around the world that are unique for a single appointment, among them are some bars that have no comparison. There are also some towns and cities that have bars of a lifetime, in which you can find people always enjoying any indistinct moment and sharing their stories. In these bars, the typical drinks are offered and the atmosphere is very particular and unique. In general, beer will be the most acclaimed drink, although they also have other special and different beverages.

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