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Shopping in New York city

The definitive guide to do your shopping in New York City

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Shopping in New York City as a good New Yorker that I am, when it comes to shopping I sign myself immediately. In this article, I will tell you where you can get that Louis Vuitton bag or those Michael Kors glasses you so desire. I will also tell you where are the best electronics stores, children’s stores, and many others. So if you’re looking for the best places to go shopping in New York, you have to read this article and share it with your friends. Check out these sites and department stores to learn how to shop in New York.

Famous Commercial Streets for Shopping in New York CityShopping in New York city

If you want to go to the center of fashion and shopping in New York City, that’s on Fifth Avenue. This must be a mandatory stop during your stay in the Big Apple. The commercial experience in New York is totally different from shopping in another city, especially along this historic avenue. Located in downtown Manhattan, the best Fifth Avenue stores are concentrated between 39th Street and 60th Street. It does not matter if you go in search of the latest fashion, NY souvenirs or even household items.

Likewise, Fifth Avenue is the home of the great brands of luxury clothing. Here you will find famous brands such as Armani Exchange, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and many more. One of the most famous stores in the world is Saks Fifth Avenue, which is easy to find because it is next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Saks Fifth Avenue is really wide and even during high season, you will not feel overwhelmed. The women’s collections are on floors 2,3 and 4. On floors 1, 2 and 6 there is the men’s store and on the 8th floor, there is children’s clothing. Read more Top 10 best shopping destinations in the United States

Outlets for Brand Clothing for Shopping in New York CityShopping in New York city

If you’re looking for brand outlets, but you do not want to go to New Jersey then buy at the Century 21 store until you can no longer. The Century 21 outlet is a shop with eight floors of ridiculous offers – from not-well-known clothing brands to day-to-day brands and designer brands. You can spend hours looking for clothes, accessories, household items, electronics, jewelry, and cosmetics. It’s like Macy’s, but with much more to offer (since it offers design merchandise at incredibly low prices). Century 21 has up to 65% discount almost all the time.

A Gap outlet is in Jackson Heights at number 37-32 82nd Street, between Roosevelt Avenue and 37. This outlet also has the Banana Republic and the two stores are open every day from ten in the morning until eight at night, except on Sundays that close at seven. To get there it’s very easy, you just have to get on line 7 of the subway until the 82nd street stops Jackson Heights. Here they also have Baby Gap, Gap Kids, and Gap for pregnant women. Most of the time you will find offers of up to 40% off.

Shopping Centers for Casual and Youth ClothingShopping in New York city

Macy’s is an American classic par excellence found in Herald Square. The building has become historic and is famous for its Christmas decorations that are exhibited during November and December and for organizing the Thanksgiving Parade. It has 5 floors and is the mecca for many shopping addicts around the world who come specifically to buy from this store. Do not forget to get your Macy’s membership card to get great discounts!

The Manhattan Mall is located directly across from Macy’s and the Empire State Building. It houses a wide variety of shops, all under one roof, and also an extensive space of restaurants for all tastes. The mall has approximately 50 stores, including Victoria’s Secret, JC Penney, Express, Toys R Us, and Aeropostale. Very close to it are other stores such as H & M, Forever21, Uniqlo, and Gap. In the H & M and Forever21 stores, you can find the latest trends in clothing at a very good price.

Another option would be the Times Warner Center in Columbus Plaza pair of brand clothes. On the lower floor, there are a Whole Foods where you can buy organic food and eat.

Outlets outside of Manhattan for Shopping in New York CityShopping in New York city

The Woodbury Premium Outlets are about an hour and a half north of Manhattan. Here you will need a whole day and some good shoes to explore the place. In case you did not understand me, this place is huge! There are more than 200 stores, some of them luxuries like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein, and a lot of other stores with ‘normal’ prices like Samsonite, Tumi, Lacoste, Gap, and Timberland. In my opinion, Woodbury is the place to go shopping when you want to do it in a single day. That is why we organize customized excursions to this shopping center

Closer to New York, but also to New Jersey, we find Jersey Gardens. The difference with the Woodbury Outlet is that Jersey Gardens clothing is not so luxury brands, but rather brands of every day like Abercromby or H & M. If you are not so interested in big brands, and what you want is to fill your wardrobe at a great price, then this is your option.

The Broadway Mall is a regional shopping center located on Long Island. This shopping center is in the town of Hicksville which has a very significant history. Originally the Broadway Mall was an open-air mall called Half Island Shopping Plaza. Broadway Mall is the only commercial center in the area that has a multiplex, Broadway 12 Multiplex Cinema. Some of the stores on this site include Macy’s, Target, IKEA, American Eagle Outfitters, and Zales.

Low-Cost Clothing Stores in ManhattanShopping in New York city

Strawberry is a cheap fashion clothing store in New York, known for offers for women . Here they have a wide selection of shoe styles that are not usually found in other stores. Clothing and accessories are also cheaper than you would normally find in New York’s best-known stores. In short, you can easily get a lot of clothes for only $ 100 dollars. High heels are a bit expensive almost like Macy’s prices, so your clothes and bags are better.

Ann Taylor Loft is Ann Taylor’s most affordable store and they specialize in workwear for women and casual wear (arguably the best place to shop for workwear). They have a large selection of accessories, along with a small selection of shoes. They also have a Petites section for those women with smaller sizes. Everything is orderly and the employees are very friendly. The best thing is that you never have to wait long for the testers.

Stores in Chinatown and Canal StreetShopping in New York city

If you are looking for cheap souvenirs then you have to go to Chinatown. When you arrive you will see countless stores that seem to have all the same objects. Most store managers will negotiate with you, as long as it is within reason. You will see a lot of people, Chinese restaurants, and small shops. In this area, you will see a lot of sunglasses, handbags, watches, jewelry and many t-shirts of ‘I love New York’ at a very good price.

As for the purchases of imitations, Canal Street is the main point where you will find cheap merchandise such as clothing and shoes, branded knock-off wallets, shirts, jewelry, perfumes and even furniture and food such as meat and seafood. You can also walk the side streets of Mulberry, Mott, and Elizabeth where you will see unique and fascinating products that cross this great neighborhood. If you need to do souvenir shopping, then you have to visit Canal Street. I assure you that you will not leave empty-handed! Continue reading  The best destinations for shopping in London 2018


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