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Setting up an office in the garden.

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If you are a bit tight for space in the house and you really want to set up a home office there is an alternative that you can consider. For the most part people sacrifice a bedroom or a corner of the living room over to the purpose of an office but this is not always possible. In this day and age of increased home working it looks like the challenge of finding home office space is going to be of great importance. An alternative to using a room in the home is to set one up in the garden.

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In the first place  you could utilise the furniture that you have by working on the patio table and chairs. You do need to check that the Wi-Fi extends out into the garden.

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For long term use it is a good idea to look at sheds and summer houses. Even a 6 foot by 6 foot shed could work, especially if it has a window. Sheds can be made waterproof and there is even the chance you could run electricity out to it for heat and light or power to run a laptop. It can also be a great place to have meetings without bringing people into your home. You will need some Reception Chairs and reception chairs for home offices can easily be found.

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