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Technology tips to save light

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Save light with the help of technology requires an initial investment that can be recovered little by little. Not to mention what facilitates our relationship with the light and energy devices of our house, allowing us to know how our consumption is, optimize it and help us.

Technological innovations make our daily life save light and more comfortable. The appliances evolve towards greater efficiency and functionality as well as all devices installed at home. But the technification of households translates into a growing demand on the electricity grid and, therefore, higher CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Save light is increasingly complicated with the increases in the bill, but possible with some tips like these.

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Change light bulbssave light

The first and perhaps most important advice to save light can be to change the bulbs of the whole house, or at least those that are not of low consumption, to LED bulbs and in their defect to low consumption. The difference can be enormous, to the point of reducing the consumption of 50W to 5W  per bulb. The added savings at the end of the month can be enormous, particularly in places in the house where there is heavy use for hours. To choose LED bulbs suitable for your home, it is advisable to read this guide.

Configure the energy settingssave light

Secondly, to save light it is interesting to adjust as much as possible the energy adjustments of computer and technology products such as computers, laptops, and televisions. Although the consumption when they are not used is not very high in the case of the former, it is constant in the case of third parties, and in all of them, it is good to set the resting or attenuation times of the image. For example, on a television, after 45 minutes of no use (volume variation, channel change), it may be advisable to put a warning that it will turn off in another 15 if the user does not take any action. On computers, setting the screen sleep and shutdown time can save many watts per hour. when it is not being used. At night it is advisable to use “echo” or similar modes on the screens, since, in addition to reducing consumption, they also damage sightless.

Thermostats, a great idea to save lightsave light

In winter, if you have electric heating, the installation of a thermostat can be a source of much savings despite the initial investment, since its intelligent control of the devices according to the temperature will turn them off when they are not necessary. Best of all: you can control everything from your smartphone, even if the user is away from home.

Automate to save lightsave light

In some of the tasks or household elements, energy consumers can achieve save light if we manage to automate their operation to optimize the use of them or take advantage of time slots in which the light is cheaper if we have such rates contracted.

If for example at home we have places where we want the light to light itself when there is someone inside and turn off shortly after leaving the room, we can get several models of lights that have presence sensors from 14 dollars.

Take advantage of the prices of light in the different sectionssave light

Another interesting tip to save light, if you have hired a plan with time discrimination, put washing machines, dryers or dishwashers in the cheapest time, ie, which goes approximately from 10 pm to 10 am, depending on whether you are in summer or winter. The cost per kilowatt can amount to less than half. Another tactic is to track the energy costs per hour, public and collected in apps such as Price of Light, to program different sections with appliances. Appliances, which by the way, whose energy certification should be reviewed, because the differences between simply B and A can be crucial for the final bill.

With the new increase in the electricity bill, there are several families that are going to have problems to be able to create against the complementary costs that are already being paid. There is not much that can be created against it, nor is it advisable to update the standard of living and comfort, however it is possible to introduce certain changes in technological uses that save light can support not to pay less but to return to similar spending levels to the ancients.

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