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The Best Movies of the Sahara Desert

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Sahara Desert-We visited one of the most imposing places of Morocco, the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. That special red fortress stands at the doors of the Sahara desert as an exciting underworld. Perhaps for this reason, this place is inscribed. We have also reached a kind of African Hollywood. Because you will hallucinate with the number of times you have seen this landscape, thanks to the films shot in Ait Benhaddou.

Alcazaba or Castle?

Sahara Desert

In truth what Kasbah sounds like the most exotic and distant and is that we are in the known as Route of the Thousand Kasbah. However, in Europe we find more than one similar construction. Since what the Arabs call kasbah is nothing more than a citadel, of which we have many in the Old Continent, especially in Spain, that dazzling Al-Andalus.

However, although the name of kasbah is penitently linked to Ait Benhaddou. The truth is that for many art historians it would be more accurate to refer to this fortress as Ksar. Arabic terms that can be translated as ‘castle’.

Alcazaba or Castillo, the truth is that the majesty and mystery that surround Ait Benhaddou have made it the perfect setting for big blockbusters of the cinema and the occasional big television series. As I was saying, you will be surprised to discover how many times you have seen these huge screen-size locations in your favorite movie theater.

A trip to the Sahara desert for the most authentic Morocco

The signal of the belt turns on warning us that our descent towards Ouarzarzate has begun. Through the window, the plane’s shadow grows larger as we get closer to the ground. It is reflected among the dry browns of the abrupt terrain to continue bathing in the waters of the dam that supplies the city. Afterwards, it crosses the roofs of the most important city of the Draa region. The adventure has begun!


Sahara Desert

Ryanair began operating a new route between Madrid and Morocco last October. The city of Ouarzarzate, south of the High Atlas, added to the destinations of the Irish airline thus approaching the desert doors and facilitating a short and different getaway.

The Moroccan Sahara desert is one of those places that every traveler has on their list. So close to us and yet so far away. So unknown and so magical. If you are also one of those who prefer free routes, Morocco is your destination.

How to get to Morocco

Many cities in Morocco are connected to the main European capitals. For this specific itinerary, a direct flight to Ouarzarzate is possible from Madrid on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

How to get around Morocco

The best way to get to the desert is hiring a driver-guide or by means of a rented car, preferably off-road.

For greater comfort and security, in this case in LyxPlanet we chose to look for a driver-guide. We would facilitate access to places full of authenticity. As the intention was to take advantage of the trip to make the Route of the Thousand Kasbahs. We would ensure not to get lost and save time to see as many places as possible and learn more about the native culture.

After contacting several guides, Hamid, from the agency Heart of Morocco, it is presented as the best candidate. It answers quickly all the doubts and facilitates solutions to the proposals that we make. So we chose to have the service of this Berber from Khamlia, who better than him to pursue authenticity in small villages like Khamlia? Without a doubt, he ends up becoming the best guide and companion for our trip.

Emphasize his sympathy, always leaving space for the privacy of the traveler, his caution driving and the wide range of completely new off-road cars that makes available to customers. It’s nice to feel that you’ve chosen the most important part of the trip well.

Is it necessary to obtain a visa to travel to Morocco?

People of Spanish nationality only need to have a valid passport to enter Morocco. The same happens with most countries in America. Both when arriving and when leaving. It will simply be necessary to fill out a small form and deliver it when passing the passport control.

Currency in Morocco

The currency used in Morocco is the dirham. There are 20, 50, 100 and 200 dirhams. At the exchange, 100 dirhams equals approximately less than 10 dollars.

It is convenient to carry enough cash, because many establishments do not accept payment by credit card.

Language in Morocco

Arabic is the official language of the country, but due to its past, French is also widespread. However, both Spanish and English are taught in most schools due to their openness to tourism.

Even in the most hidden corners of this itinerary, it will be possible to find someone who speaks Spanish.

What is the best time to travel to Morocco?

The temperature in Morocco varies a lot depending on the time of year, and it varies a lot between day and night, especially in winter. In autumn it is usually rainy season. In summer the thermometer can reach 40 degrees and even that of a sandstorm. Spring may be the best season to visit the country, with softer and more pleasant temperatures.

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