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relieve back pain

How to relieve back pain with just breathing – very effective

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Do your back hurt and you do not know what to do to relieve back pain and stop it from getting worse? Surely you’re thinking about having to go to the doctor, do more stretching and exercise and go to a physiotherapist to solve it as soon as possible. The truth is that yes, you would do well to do all this if you want to cure this discomfort, especially if it is due to a problem that needs maintenance and it is not just a specific inconvenience.

In addition, there are some methods that you will surely like to know because they are fast, free and very effective. These are based on learning to use breathing to mobilize key muscles in pain points. In a COMO we explain how to with just breathing and we encourage you to mention it and, in the beginning, practice it with the help of your doctor or physiotherapist.

Relieve back pain from breathing poorlyto relieve back pain

Did you know that the simple fact of breathing and relieve back pain are closely related? Breathing can affect our health in many ways and, very directly, can help us to care for the spine, the muscles of the entire back, as well as all the joints and organs that are in the rib cage and abdomen. Read more: Dorsal back pain remove by 6 steps

Therefore, breathing badly and back pain are closely related, for the simple fact that if we breathe superficially or quickly, in a short time, we will begin to feel discomfort because the muscles will have contracted constantly in this area, they will have created muscle knots, tension, and even contractures. This problem is very frequent in people who spend many hours sitting since the necessary breathing does not require a great effort that forces the lungs to fill completely.

On the other hand, you can also use your breathing well for relieve back pain and avoid it and fix it. Specifically, if the air we inhale and exhale is properly directed, we can stretch certain muscles correctly and relax them.

Other causes of lower back pain, middle, high and neckrelieve back pain

Surely you feel discomfort in the back when breathing when you have some contracture and, when the muscles are very loaded, you can also feel it at any other time and position.

If you wonder how to relieve back pain due to contracture you will be interested to know that, if mild, it can be solved with exercises, both stretching and focusing on the way you breathe. However, it is always essential to know the possible causes of back discomfort, apart from breathing poorly. Thus, the most frequent reasons why we suffer from this problem are bad postures, curvatures in the spine, abrupt temperature changes, bad gestures and some diseases.

Anyway, it will always be a doctor or physiotherapist who diagnoses the origin of the problem and offers the best solution. Therefore, go to the specialist at the first symptoms.

If you are wondering how to relieve back pain with breathing, pay attention to the following sections in which we explain the best tricks, easy and very effective. In addition, these methods also serve as an ideal maintenance to prevent back pain, so it is recommended to do them periodically.

Technique 4-7-8 to relieve back pain with just breathingrelieve back pain

This is one of the best home remedies for relieving back pain, although it will be good that the first time we do we ask our doctor or physiotherapist to guide and correct us.

The 4-7-8 technique is not only ideal for improving back problems but also helps us to relax deeply, so much that it serves to fall asleep in just 1 minute. The well-known professor of the University of Arizona and director of Integral Medicine, Andrew Weil, began to popularize this method several years ago. It was based on the theories and techniques to improve diaphragmatic breathing and found a numerical sequence, which serves as a guide to perform it in the most correct and effective way possible.

How to make the technique 4-7-8 for back painrelieve back pain

To correctly perform method 4-7-8 to relieve your back follow these steps:

  • Place the tip of your tongue behind the upper front incisors, at the beginning of the palate.
  • Close your mouth well and breathe only through your nose.
  • Inhale through the nose deeply for 4 seconds.

Hold the air for 7 seconds and direct it to the area of your back that hurts the most. For example, if the middle or lower area hurts, direct the air to the lower part of the lungs, but if it hurts in the dorsal or high area, do it towards the upper part of the lungs.

Exhale the air slowly, for 8 seconds, through the mouth.

This way of breathing deeply to relieve back pain is very simple and gives results from the first moment. Remember that, surely, you will notice how the muscles of some parts stretch and that the back is repositioned well. You can repeat this exercise several times a day, but at the beginning it is recommended to do it well at most 4 times a day and, little by little, to increase it if needed.

Yoga breathing to relieve back painrelieve back pain

Finally, to relieve back pain by improving your breathing you can try a couple of yoga exercises. There is a yoga breathing exercise called Nadi Sodhana Pranayama that is done by alternating the side by which you breathe and that helps to concentrate and relieve tensions, pain and relax:

  • Sit cross-legged, placing the column straight.
  • Cover one side of your nose with your thumb and inhale deeply on the side that is free.
  • Hold your breath, stretching your back well and directing the air from the lungs to the part that most hurts the muscles along the spine. At the same time, holding the air, leaves the side you cover free and goes to cover the other.
  • On the side that has now been free, slowly exhale, until you get all the air out.
  • Repeat the exercise leaving covered the same side with which you have finished, that is, do it often.

Hypopressive exercises to relieve back painrelieve back pain

Finally, this type of exercise is ideal to reduce back discomfort, improve body postures and, in addition, to work the muscles in depth, both the abdomen and back. The hipopresivos exercises focus on expelling all the air to tighten the muscles in the area and hold a few seconds, causing it to relax and strengthen. Continue reading 7 ways to soothe back pain quickly


You will notice that both the abdominal area and the entire spine work in depth and you can relieve back pain by just breathing properly. Thus, it is about correcting our breathing when we begin to notice discomfort in the back or when we need to decontract it, always using this numerical combination.

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