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rainy wedding

How to survive a rainy wedding: 6 ways to make it unforgettable

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Rainy wedding probably one of the biggest fears of many brides is that it rains on their wedding day and spoils the dress, hairstyle, and make-up that they had so lovingly prepared. A situation that the couple who marry in hot months like June or July, in theory, do not suffer, preparing the perfect celebration outdoors. For those who get married in times of possible rain, we have compiled the best tips so that your wedding is, even on a rainy day, an unforgettable day.

Rainy wedding: Umbrellas, obligatoryrainy wedding

The weather forecast is bleak and there is not much hope that the sun will accompany you on such a special day. The time has come to equip them with umbrellas for you and your guests. It is logical that the couple has one to move, but it is also important to provide it to the guests. That way, even if the rain surprises you, you can go calmly and calmly knowing that you are well protected, and you will be greatly appreciated. Read more: Wedding suits in 5 styles: what is yours?

Today there are numerous umbrellas and umbrella suppliers that work directly with wedding venues. Therefore, when the weather does not go along, it is essential to install awnings, tents and prepare closed places to enjoy the party without getting soaked.

Rainy wedding: Raincoats and jacketsrainy wedding

Even with umbrellas, it is important to ensure that you and your guests stay dry. An easy and convenient option is to make online an order for ponchos and raincoats, which can arrive quickly at home and be used without problems for the day of the wedding. Thus, even if a hurricane wind blows, you will be safe. With umbrellas and raincoats, you can have the certainty that you do not get wet with the rain and that your wedding dress will be immaculate.

Rainy wedding: Makeup and hairdressing waterproofrainy wedding

Although the day was not rainy, the use of waterproof makeup is practically an essential for all brides, as it is likely to end up shedding a tear with so many emotions. This is even more basic on rainy days since it can ruin your face even without crying. Therefore, make sure that your stylist has a good mask and a good spray for water-resistant hair for a day of rain and wind.

Rainy wedding: Anti-slip heelsrainy wedding

With any storm nearby you cannot stop wondering: will they hold my shoes or will I slip? Especially when taking photos, you have to be very careful not to slide and fall. Or when stepping on the grass; it is very likely that it is muddy and not the best idea.

For the bride, it is advisable to look for shoes that either has anti-slip soles or can be adapted in some way so that the sole does not slip. But in addition to wearing protection on the soles, you can also choose to “build” heels for the rain. Using plastic plugs it is possible to create lids for the heels that protect you from falls. This can be easily adopted in emergency situations and guarantees some security.

On the other hand, thinking about your guests, you can order plastic heel protectors to facilitate their steps. It is an original and different idea as a detail for women that will undoubtedly be used again for future occasions. Read more:  6 ways to make an outdoor marriage

Rainy wedding: The locationrainy wedding

On numerous occasions, the couple does not even think that the rain could make an appearance on their wedding day and ruin the scenarios they had planned. The most disconsolate thing is that in front of the climatology nothing can be done, it can only be accepted.

Therefore, it is very convenient to have a B option prepared in advance, although it may seem crazy. Is there a nice enclosed space in the venue? Or is it necessary to change places? Do not leave this for the last minute, because if you change the location you can also do the route of the guests and, therefore, their transportation.

Rainy wedding: Wedding photosrainy wedding

The memories that you will take from the wedding are, in the end, the photographs. Do not be afraid of the rain! In collaboration with your photographer, you can get some unique and really special images, with locations that otherwise would not have been obtained, and show that even with rain your wedding can be unforgettable. Learn the tricks of how to get pretty in the photos of your big day.

Since you already know that ” after the storm comes calm, ” consider the rain as a sign that anticipates the happiness of your marriage. So, despite the setbacks, I hope you have a wonderful wedding, with sun or rain!

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