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Today your dream is to start your own automotive profitable possible business but you still do not have the idea with which you are going to start. If the horse was the noblest conquest of man, his mechanical substitute, the car, despite its metallic nature, has managed to win the hearts of many people. It is an essential item for individual transport and a product of high value (both economic and emotional). That is, it has all the ingredients to allow a few profitable possible business.

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Sale of used vehicles a profitable possible businessprofitable possible business

The first business idea with cars, an activity that is working especially well since the crisis began: the buying and selling of used cars. Who has not seen a “Buy your car” brochure on your windshield lately? Who has not heard the news talk about the rebound in sales of used cars? It is that for him that has a little experience, it is around and simple business. A good buyer can get a vehicle for 800 or 1,000 € less than its sale price, spend a few hundred euros on painting and small repairs and get a margin of € 500 in an operation. In addition, now with the limitation of cash payments of more than € 2,500, the sector should operate more transparently, with the less submerged economy.

Car sharing a profitable possible businessprofitable possible business

Another idea that takes advantage of the crisis is that of the websites that link travelers and drivers to share cars. Right now it’s the cheapest way to travel for medium-distance journeys, even cheaper than the bus, and both passengers and vehicle owners save money. If you want to know more you can read this article.

Share parking space a profitable possible businessprofitable possible business

Another a profitable possible business that is not new but still seems interesting to me is the concept of being able to share a parking space. Imagine a person who lives in the center of the city, has a garage, and every day goes to work by car to another side. Your place stays free all day. Surely another person who lives in another neighborhood or on the outskirts would be delighted to be able to use this space during work hours. Some pages have tried, but I do not know if it is working correctly. In any case, there is that need in the big cities.

Tuning cars a profitable possible business

As we said in the introduction, the car has a strong emotional aspect for many people. So much so that a not-so-small number of drivers are looking for the best way to personalize and improve their vehicle. The practice of tuning the car takes some years in Spain, but it could be an interesting way to differentiate from the usual competition of body shops and workshops. It is something that we often comment on the blog: opt for a differentiation strategy, found a profitable niche market.

Rent the private car  a profitable possible businessprofitable possible business

A few months ago, a company called Socialcar.com rose to prominence. It has brought to the car rental market an interesting concept: to connect individuals who want to take money out by renting their vehicle with other individuals who want to save by renting a car for a short time money.

Help pay less for gasoline a profitable possible businessgasoline a profitable possible business

For years there is a free application of the DGT that helps find the cheapest gas stations. However, the functionalities of the page are not optimal, and although it is useful, there was room for improvement. That’s what the web egasolineras.com has done that allows its users to easily find the cheapest sites. Another way to do it is with an App for the mobile, since it is normal to look for a gas station when one is already in the car.

A comparator of workshops a profitable possible businessprofitable possible business

There are car insurance comparisons, but perhaps an idea with a future is to set up a website that allows finding the best maintenance service for the car at the best price. Its operation could be exactly the same as the comparison of insurers. In other words, the customer enters the brand, the model, the years of his car, along with the kilometers and the type of revision he needs to make, in a specific geographical area. The results would give a list of workshops with the indicated maintenance price.

Those are some profitable possible businesses with cars, but there are many more possibilities since many very important markets revolve around vehicles: from the sale of fuel to insurance through the washing stations or accessories to have a more comfortable car and I practice

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