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How Should You Prepare Your Child to Start School?

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Often parents spend time trying to give their children a head start when they begin school. Usually parents focus on teaching their children letters or numbers of their kids will know a bit more than other students on their first day of school. While it is understandable to try to introduce your child to reading or other school subjects early, here are things you should probably focus on first.

Learn to Follow Rules

Mothers love spending time with their babies and making their time together special. If you have a routine with your child, it can be hard to imagine them facing problems with the school routines. Your child is a perfect little angel, how could anything go wrong, right?

Child to Start School

It is important to realise the new routines your child will need to adjust to at school. Many if not most of the kids starting school with your child will have had extensive experience with other caregivers while in nursery or pre-school. If your child has only experienced the routines in your house, the adjustment can be more challenging.

Prepare your child by discussing the fact that he or she should expect new routines at school. Different adults will be there and they will expect him or her to follow these rules. One way you can help him or her prepare is to get your friends or family spend time hosting your child at their home. Eating together in restaurants is another way to get practice with being around strangers and adapting to different routines.


There are lots of items required for school. From lunch boxes and bookbags to books and pencils. Help your child be more organized by gathering school supplies together so your child gets used to all these new items. Put name labels on the school items so it will be easier for you child to keep track of them.

Playing with Others

Hopefully your child has enjoyed plenty of play dates and trips to the park to have practice socializing with other children. It is important for kids to know how to get along with others and to understand adults might not be able to make them the centre of attention all the time. After spending so much one on one time with their mums, kids can have a tough time learning to take turns sharing the teacher’s attention.

Please & Thank You

Having good manners is vital for any child. Teaching them how to react when offered something, how to ask for help, and how to take turns will become extremely important once school begins and throughout life.

Using Words

Mothers know what their kids want, often without the child having to say anything. That connection is magical but it can sometimes present problems for your child when dealing with others. Knowing how to enunciate clearly so that other adults can understand will reduce your child’s frustration when dealing with teachers. Cute family names for common items will cause confusion when dealing with other adults so be sure your child knows what to call the various items they’ll use in school.

Spending Time Away from Mum

If it has been just you and your child during the day, suddenly being separated can be difficult for both of you. Try to make sure you spend time apart before school starts. That could be a few hours a week in a day-care centre or time spent with family members. This will help your child become accustomed to being more independent so that he or she is more able to adjust to school.

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