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The 10 most interesting hybrids and plug-in hybrids car that you can buy in 2018

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Taking advantage of the arrival of the new year, we will review the 10 most interesting hybrid and plug-in hybrids car models that can be purchased throughout 2018, including in the list both veteran models and at a good price and other expensive or not yet Do you sell.

Audi A8 Le-Tronplug-in hybrids car

This luxurious model combines a 3.0 TFSI petrol engine with an electric motor, whose total power amounts to 449 hp transmitted through the famous Quattro all-wheel drive. Audi has not yet revealed data such as its autonomy in electric mode (it is a plug-in hybrids car) or its performance, but taking into account the price of the model and Audi’s interest in electrification, we can expect better than good figures.

Probably one of the most technological models on the market, it will have equipment such as autonomous level 3 driving (it is the first car manufactured in series to reach that level), or suspensions that will rise in the event of a crash to reduce damage to passengers. passengers.

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Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybridplug-in hybrids car

Currently, hybrid and plug-in hybrids car versions account for 60% of the sales of the Porsche luxury saloon. They have completely overshadowed the diesel variants, which are being withdrawn from numerous markets and will probably disappear in the coming months.

The Turbo S E-Hybrid version homologates a range of 50 km under the NEDC approval cycle, which in real conditions will remain around 35 km. In addition, it has 680 hp coming from the combination of an electric motor with a 4.0 V8 gasoline. Now it is also available with the Sports Truism family body.

Volvo XC60 T8plug-in hybrids car

Volvo’s best-selling model has just been renewed with a new generation that improves on its predecessor in absolutely every aspect. Maximum level security, high quality, and a brand new SPA modular platform that allows you to have a plug-in hybrids car version.

The XC60 T8 has 407 hp and all-wheel drive and equals the power figures of much more expensive models within the Volvo range, such as the S90, V90, and XC90, all of which are also available with the T8 engine. It will approve according to the brand more than 45 km of electric autonomy, but they do not specify under which homologation cycle.

Hyundai IONIC PHEVplug-in hybridscar

The Hyundai IONIC is one of the revelations of the season. Available in hybrid, plug-in hybrids car and 100% electric versions, the IONIC is a model that stands out above all for its efficiency and its really attractive prices, as well as for a first-class technological endowment thanks to all its security assistance.

The plug-in and plug-in hybrids car version homologate under the NEDC cycle a total of 63 km of autonomy, which will be more than 40 km under real conditions. In addition, it offers exclusive equipment such as full LED headlights (the hybrid version uses xenon headlights). After discounts will go for less than 27,000 dollar, a whole candy.

Toyota Pries Primeplug-in hybridscar

This model should arrive at some time this year to Spain because in theory it is already sold in Europe, although Toyota is not too interested in its promotion. It is a  plug-in hybrids car of the Hyundai IONIC, but homologous only 50 km of autonomy NEDC, less than its Korean rival.

In front of the conventional Prius, it offers a less risky aesthetic (without being especially beautiful, it is much better than the pure hybrid and plug-in hybrids car which has some baroque lines that have not convinced almost anyone). Its price will be predictably very high.

Toyota C-HR Hybridplug-in hybrids car

Toyota has been the queen of hybrids for decades. The C-HR is a compact SUV that inherits this tradition in a fashionable body, with a carefree, controversial aesthetic, and why not say it, peculiar and extravagant. However, that is what has convinced many buyers to opt for it.

It is a non-pluggable hybrid of 122 hp. Among its weak points, we find some rear seats with low visibility and an interior in which hard plastics abound. You can get for less than 25,000 dollars, a price undoubtedly attractive.

KIA Nirplug-in hybrids car

The KIA Niro is offered at the moment in hybrid and plug-in hybrids car versions. Share platform and engines with the Hyundai IONIC, offering more space in exchange for sacrificing some aerodynamics and efficiency. Among its highlights, we can find your equipment and your liking for use.In its non-plug-in hybrids car version, it rivals the Toyota C-HR Hybrid, offering a more restrained aesthetic, a visually pleasing interior, and a lower price despite being somewhat more powerful (141 hp).

Honda Insightplug-in hybrids car After a few years disappeared, the Honda Insight will return to the market to complement the Honda Clarity, which is currently sold in plug-in hybrids car versions, 100% electric and hydrogen. Faced with this, the Insight will be a non-plug-in hybrids car sedan, straddling a Honda Civic Sedan and a Honda Accord.

Finally, the year 2018 should be key in the consolidation and possible massification of hybrid and plug-in hybrids car sales. Like vehicles with a combustion engine, each of them has its own seal and different objectives, both in terms of the number of sales and in terms of its target audience. Of course, they all have a common aspect: they are really good.



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