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Would you like to learn to play tennis, but do not know when to start? Tennis is a sport that is not easy but with play tennis tips, we can improve the level and perfect the technique of playing tennis. In addition, it will be a way to get a good physical condition, gaining strength and speed as well as a fun time to spend time with your friends.

The phrase that everyone can play tennis has accompanied this sport for more than 100 years, but the truth is that not everyone can do it and only a privileged have the ability to become super athletes to reach the top. The modern professional has to be strong, fast and agile, but at the same time, he must have mind control and a lot of discipline in his diet and behavior outside the court.

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How to start to play tennis play tennis

We offer you some practical tennis tips to start playing tennis or improve the game in a simple and efficient way. We can start playing tennis following some steps listed below:

Buy a racket and tennis shoesplay tennis

Both the tennis racket and the shoes must be of quality and we will buy them in a store specialized in sport’s shoes or a sports store. If we can find a professional tennis shop, the dependents can help us choose the equipment to start playing tennis.

Inform us about play tennisplay tennis

It will be very useful to read and learn about play tennis, assimilating the terms used and the rules of the game. Our goal will be to have fun and play sports learning to play tennis so we will avoid stress even if we do not understand all the rules first.

Enroll in a tennis clubplay tennis

If we want to start in this sport, it will be best to attend some private lessons from a tennis club that we have close to home. Generally, the first lessons are free and we can see if it really catches our attention to learn more.

Play tennis with friendsplay tennis

Play tennis with friends or colleagues is a good motivation to keep playing. When we take skill in this practice we can plan to play in pairs and it will be a very entertaining and fun game.

The most important competition in play tennis is against oneself, not against the opponent. As play tennis is a game of errors, the challenge is to find a mental state in which we can play tennis at our best level, regardless of our opponent. This requires being able to focus on the “now” throughout the game, on what needs to be done at the present moment, blocking all thoughts in the future or in the past, such as “I’m playing lousy” or “I cannot lose against this ” etc. Only then will we be able to increase our chances of success. The approach during the game must be absolutely towards our person because it is what we can control. The opposite and the environment are part of the game but unfortunately an aspect beyond our control and focus or worry about them can only harm us. Understanding and putting into practice these simple concepts is the key to be able to enjoy and make the most of our training and games. A realistic and positive approach to tennis is the key to ensuring a positive experience for a lifetime.

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