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5 proposals to play sports with the family during Holy Week

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Play sports-Easter is just around the corner, finally! The quarter has been long and a few days of rest are very necessary. The holidays are the perfect time to disconnect from the routine and face the final stretch of the course with energy. You know that good weather comes with spring. And with the good weather. The opportunity to practice outdoor activities with the kids. If you cannot think of any plan, pay attention to our suggestions. Everyone to do sport in family during Easter!

Play sports to practice as a family for Easter

best Play sports

It is a very complete sport that allows exercising the whole body, developing the ability to work as a team and increase the ability to concentrate. As you see, it is full of advantages! In fact, this sport can become the perfect extracurricular activity for your children. The index of injuries is quite low but if after Practicing it, the children have a little loaded muscle try to give them a massage with Arndell Active Gel. You can play sports anywhere, in a park, in the countryside or even in the sand on the beach. You only need a ball, a net and, really want to have fun!

  • Bike routes. The sport allied of the children and the adults. Whether for a walk in the park, field or promenade. It is ideal to spend time with family and enjoy nature. There are plain routes and little stony designed for everyone and in which you can rent a tandem, fun assured! If your kids are older, starting at age 8 or so, think of mountain biking. As it is a more daring discipline, it is advisable to take an introductory course. Do you cheer up?
  • Yes, you read correctly, yoga is more than a sport. It is a millenary discipline that stimulates creativity, imagination and sensitivity. In addition, it is a zero competitive activity, alleluia! Practicing this sport the children will learn to remain calm in difficult situations that are beyond their control. Suitable for the elderly.
  • Multi-adventure parks. Do not forget to contemplate this option, the children love to climb trees and of course, it is better to do so with security measures. You can find circuits with different levels of difficulty that will make children and adults enjoy. Some of the most popular attractions are zip lines, ramps and platforms between the trees. Nature, adrenaline and fun are the ingredients to spend a wonderful family day. Do not forget your superpower.
  • The skating is a sport that never goes out of style, it is a recreational activity that helps to develop the balance and the concentration of the smallest to avoid falls. The possibility of walking “rolling” through the streets and feeling almost as if they were capable of flying enchants the little ones. If your children are still too young to skate, consider the option of skates with four rubber wheels, they are even safer. And speaking of security, do not forget the helmet and the knee pads! Skating safely is essential.

Activities to do with children at Easter

We are only a few days away from the Easter holidays, in which we can not only rest but also enjoy more time with the children who will not have to go to class either. Hence, the usual thing is to go to town with the grandparents or to make a family trip to any destination.

Whatever the option for which we choose, it is important that we think about the little ones, how to share time with them and how to get them to have a great time during those days. Therefore, nothing better than taking into account some of the most interesting activities in this regard:

See processions

If at home you are religious and you love Holy Week, surely you do not hesitate to register your children in any of the existing brotherhoods. And, as appropriate, process with them the established days. And that is how you will get them to follow the family tradition.

However, it may also be that you stay quite apart from religion and the Church. But this does not have to make you completely reject the set of processions. Undeniably these have intrinsic faith and beliefs. But it is no less true that for many people they have become only part of the culture of our country and as such they understand it. Hence, do not hesitate to go with your children to see processions as a way to respect those who do believe in God, to value the effort of those who work to take steps to the street or simply admire a tradition.

Go to the cinema or the theater

Unquestionably another of the activities that can be done with the youngest of the house is to take advantage of the holidays to go as a family to the cinema. Or the theater  to enjoy some of the productions that are presented at that time for the benefit of children. In this way, not only will everyone have a good time. But in the same way, adults will instill in their children the love for cultural activities, which are especially enriching in many aspects.

There is also the possibility of supplementing that outlet with a later stop to have a snack or even to dine somewhere they love.

Practicing outdoor play sports

Whenever the weather permits, the Easter holidays are a great time to get the family to practice together some type of outdoor sport. Thus, you can choose to make bike rides through the village of grandparents. Travel some of the hiking routes that exist in the environment where you are spending those days. Practice tennis or soccer on the uncovered slopes that you have

Visit museums or zoos

During the rest of the year, for reasons of work and study. It is difficult to find a space to take children to museums or the zoo. However, during the holidays there is no excuse to do so.

Therefore, you have to find one or several appropriate dates and take them to any of those spaces. In museums it will be possible to begin to awaken their interest in art. Or science  depending on who is taken, and to increase their cultural heritage. If, on the contrary, they are taken to a zoo or similar park, what they will achieve is that they discover the existing faunal wealth and that they begin to love the animals.

Prepare typical recipes for these dates

Needless to say, more and more, due to television programs such as “Master Chef Junior”, the children have a great interest in cooking. For this reason, it is a good option during this Holy Week to take advantage of the culinary activity to enjoy with them.

Specifically, you can choose to teach some of the most typical recipes of those dates such as troikas, flakes, fried donuts or even hornitos. In this way, not only will they acquire fluency among the stoves, always with adult supervision. But they will also begin to discover some traditional proposals of these dates with which they sure suck their fingers.

Historical routes

Whether you are in the town or in any other destination. It is interesting that you can take a walk. Or urban route through the most emblematic and significant monuments of the place. It is necessary to explain to the minor curiosities of them or why they were built. Because it will help them to collateralize and to awaken their interest in history and art.

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