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Oversize sweater + midi skirt: the luxurious but comfortable look

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Oversize sweater-It is a combo so simple and yet so bright that the influences have not taken long to replicate it again and again in their looks.

It is what happens with the great trends of fashion style that, although at first glance they do not arouse our interest in simplex es. They end up becoming a hit. Think about it, how we hadn’t noticed before such a basic duo. The one formed by oversize sweater. And a midi skirt was going to collapse the Integral profiles of the almighty insiders of the planet. A court of stylish influences who. Taking this combo as a base have been reinterpreting the new viral couple with looks taken to their land.

Oversize sweater comfortable

Oversize sweater

What they all share are the basic garments, an XL-size sweater and a midi skirt, but from there. And taking this rule as unbreakable. They have filled the social networks with a wide range of outfits for luck.  And inspiration of the rest of mortals.

It is a very easy formula that we can all put into practice. Check your wardrobe; surely you are the owner of more than one oversize sweater thick knit sweater. And who says jersey also says cardigan. Or sweatshirt, which for that matter generate the same optical result. See how the Scandinavian fashion stylist. And consultant Jeanette Madsen does it.

With the top garment selected, you only have to choose the skirt. The only requirement that this piece must meet is the length: midi yes or yes. From there serves any fabric, color or pattern you can imagine. One of the strong bets of the season is precisely the prints, of the animal family, going through the flowers, until the winner of winter, the crow’s foot.

The most risky, see the case of our influence Maria Fernandez – Rubies, choose to combine prints. And antagonistic tones with each other. Above, striped knit sweater in pastel tones. And below, fluid skirt with leopard print. Impossible to believe if you don’t see it.

Although it is minimalism, that simple style that with little is everything, the one that triumphs most when composing this duo. Try a chubby turtleneck and a buttoned leather skirt. Both in chromatic tuning, just like the influences Aimee Song.

Be that as it may, incorporating this viral look into your dressing room will bring you great satisfactions of style. It is a winter wild card that you can take to work, to a dinner. And, why not, also to a party if you opt for bright and refined fabrics.

 midi skirt

The tricks to wear a long coat if you are short

If you play in the league of short women remember that the best trick when it comes to dressing is the proportion. The choice of the perfect coat becomes a challenge when you measure less than 1.60 meters, since it can be difficult to find the ideal pattern, especially if they are oversize sweater or at the ankle.

If you have ever been told that long coats are not for you, make deaf ears and check in the following gallery of images that not everything is a matter of height, but of details that can transform your look.

It is a trick that can also be extrapolated to the coats: marking the waist the legs seem longer and these garments will stylize your silhouette much more. You can choose coats type bating with belt or those that draw a silhouette in the form of ‘A’. They are those that fit well to the shoulders, chest and waist.

Long coats for Sleeve issue

If yours are long coats, height should not be an impediment to dressing in style. Coats with 3/4 sleeve and fluid textures will favor you, since they will reduce the stiffness of this garment of XL dimensions. If not, opt for one of the most recurring and stylish gestures in fashion.

Long coats for oversize

This season you will see that the overall look in oversize sweater version triumphs in street style. Not only do the coats extend their dimensions, but the culottes- type pants and extra-large knit sweaters win by win in this year’s winter looks. However, this combination is not the one that favors the shortest women. If you do not want to give up the coat of the season do not do it, you will only have to combine it with tighter garments such as skinny jeans or classic swan neck sweaters to compensate for volume and height. If you have to choose a coat, we suggest the cocoon silhouette.

Power your shoulders

As with blazers, shoulder pads create a flattering effect, especially if you’re short. It is a characteristic silhouette of the 90s with which you will be able to give body and gain a few more centimeters. The same goes for special details such as ruffles or leather flaps, the case is to provide extra volume in specific areas of the coat.

Sometimes it is not the long garments that give you the feeling of being shorter, but those garments that shorten your figure. Combine your extra-long coat with mini dresses and skirts or with high-rise pants. They will be able to strengthen your legs and you will see multiply the options of your closet.

Long coats for Single color

Betting it all on the same color or on the same color range is one of the best stylist’s tricks to look taller. Posts to choose, the total look in black is the quintessential style lesson to enhance any silhouette. But do not discard camel coats over looks in white (including shoes).

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