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 6 ways to make an outdoor marriage

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When we think of a different wedding and make an outdoor marriage is always one of the favorite options. Between being able to play with the nature that surrounds them and the different scenarios available to enjoy, the imagination and creativity of the wedding planner are motivated and stimulated as much as your future husband and you to see the options of a honeymoon. If you are looking for some decorating suitable ideas for outdoor marriage, let yourself be inspired by these wedding styles and while you decide which 2018 wedding dress to choose, find the one that best suits your personality among the following ways to make an outdoor marriage.

Outdoor marriage only nightoutdoor marriage

When it comes to lighting, night or at least in the evening, it is the best time to play with it. Additionally, thematic or special moments can be evoke creating an ideal environment with lamps, candles or light bulbs in the decoration. Something particular that is usually used is the candles on the lawn, which are sometimes used to create a message or a particular drawing that reflects the style and love of the couple to accompany the decoration of simple outdoor marriage. Those golden or white illuminations in the shape of a tear or waterfall, are perfect for this type of wedding. Something that can be seen amazing is a mesh illuminated as a roof superimposed throughout the area of marriage. When the lights are turned on it will look divine and very romantic for that beautiful moment, highlighting every detail may be of that charming simple wedding dress. Be sure, together with your provider or the person in charge of these aspects, to have sufficient energy extensions, so that they can enjoy themselves under romantic lighting.

Outdoor marriage with boho-chic styleoutdoor marriage

Give prominence to the wooden tables of the guests with floral arrangements for the wedding and incorporating the fun of wildflowers. Having chairs in the form of wooden benches is a very original idea that goes both for boho chic and rustic style; It is also an opportunity to allow attendees moments of interaction. They can have in their marriage frames hung from the trees adorned with the same flowers of the centers of tables for an outdoor marriage of the guests. The use of tulle is also allowed to decorate the arch of the altar so that the first kiss of spouses is embarked in a beautiful box perfect for the section of memories of your wedding. The same type of tulle can be used as an entrance frame for the guests so that they look like curtains between the trees.

Outdoor marriage with rustic and romanticoutdoor marriage

If you want to find an ideal color for a rustic style, the white combined with the tone of wood and nature is beautiful. Of course, they do not have to deprive themselves or fear strong colors and different combinations, such as purple and its tones to match their decoration. Something that looks very original, rustic and very chic is to incorporate some barrels as bases of tables to put both the cake and the food station for the banquet. You can use some tables as supports adorned with some lace fabrics and thematic flowers of the decoration. And for the ceremony, such a different arrangement of the chairs, located in semi-circles, will be a different and very original way of organizing the nuptial entrance and all the guests will have the possibility of seeing you look very close to the bridal outfit; as, for example, every detail of the wedding dress with sleeves and those decorations of the hairstyle that your face will look good.

Outdoor marriage weddings with wateroutdoor marriage

In many cultures, water symbolizes fertility and abundance because it is an essential element of life. An outdoor marriage in front of the sea or with a lake near the place they chose, could also be a benevolent symbol for your future husband and for you. Also, who does not calm down with the sound of the water when moving. Being in front of some expanse of water could help them to calm down, which will allow them to pronounce their vows in a more fluid and relaxed way. The photos of the marriage will be as romantic as they are fun if they can play with the beautiful scenarios that they would have available with the water as a company. The yellow, red or purple flowers stand out in these aquatic spaces, and if you prefer you can finish the wedding in a decorated boat as if it were the wedding car you usually use after marriage. Totally original!

Outdoor marriage with vintage classicoutdoor marriage

The style of vintage wedding decoration is one of the most classic ideas in making an outdoor marriage. Some couples like to include lamps with flowers in pastel colors that are hung from the trees, illuminate the reception with extensions of LED bulbs, arcs of flowers or petals at the end of the way to the altar. Remember that the vintage style also includes old furniture, bicycles and somewhat worn white stairs. The romance of vintage wear will be the sensation.

Outdoor marriage with hacienda of loveoutdoor marriage

Among the exceptional places to make an outdoor marriage, the haciendas, for example, are an excellent option, considering that Colombia still has rural areas full of farms or haciendas and many of them created especially for the realization of weddings. Depending on which city they are located or wish to make their wedding link, they could conduct a search to find the provider that suits their tastes and style. It would be a combination of the colonial and the chic, the old vintage with the modern, the rustic with the elegant and the label. Some of these spaces have horses, why not make a triumphal entry into these beautiful horses? Or if you prefer, you could go in the saddle in front of a bicycle that your boyfriend would be driving while taking you to the altar. If it is at night, the lighting can be a great ally of the romanticism and landscaping of the place. There are as many options as you can imagine. The wedding decoration will be your best alternative, but the special touch to that decoration is yours.

Undoubtedly, nature is the best canvas to stage a wedding, because it is immersed in an authentic decoration that does not need to be recharged with many elements. To continue with this style, a fantastic idea for your wedding cards is to include details such as small bunches of flowers such as caspia or olive leaves, which will give the best preamble. And if you want to find some phrases for wedding invitation, do not lose sight of all the inspiration we bring to you. And it is simple to make an outdoor marriage.

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