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outdoor banquet

How to organize an outdoor banquet?

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Outdoor banquet previously, marriages were only performed in closed places. The ceremony carried out inside a church and the reception in a room behind closed doors. However, the times were changing and with him the couples who made the decision to marry. Nowadays we can see how the exteriors, such as gardens, fields or forests, become the perfect scenarios for an outdoor marriage. The different details of the wedding are inspired according to what the environment offers. For example, for the decoration of the marriage, the tables of the candy bar or that of the guests are adorned with cages full of flowers, containers with water and floating candles, paths made with branches of olive trees, eucalyptus, astilbes or succulents. All keeping a harmony even with the attire of the future spouses, appropriate wedding dresses for the occasion, light textures, lace, and embroidery make their appearance to decorate all the details of the wedding and outdoor reception. However, the latter is not limited only to the adornments or style you will have, it’s planning also involves other important details to consider. For this reason, we have prepared some tips so that your fiancé and you can materialize your reception without problems. We start? Your planning also involves other important details to consider. For this reason, we have prepared some tips so that your fiancé and you can materialize your reception without problems. We start? Your planning also involves other important details to consider. For this reason, we have prepared some tips so that you can materialize your reception without problems.

Secure the place for an outdoor banquetoutdoor banquet

Outdoor banquet or receptions can be held in a vineyard, beach, or similarly in the field, the patio or terrace of a restaurant or farmhouse of a family member or friend. With any of these sites, whichever you choose, it is important that you book with 1 year in advance, or at least 10 months, to be calm and confident that the site is yours. Remember to ask for confirmation of reservation about 2 months before. Choosing where you want to do it is the essential starting point that influences even the phrases for wedding invitations. Read more: TRENDING NOW: WEDDING BANQUET FOR THE MOST ORIGINAL TRENDS OF 2018

As we said before, in the design of the invitation cards you must include direction, indications and, if possible, maps or the very efficient ” address bugueña”, so that the guests do not get lost, arrive late or desist from continuing to search for the site. the reception where the reception will be given. Much more if it is a different location from the ceremony. It includes clear and simple information. If possible, hire a special transport that transfers all the guests from one place to another. Or if your card was digital, sent through your marriage website, how about sending the location to the GPS? Just confirm that the application has the exact location.

Think of the most appropriate Dress Code an outdoor banquetoutdoor banquet

If they report the location of the site also remembers to inform the dress code most suitable for outdoor marriage. As normally the styles of this type of wedding are the boho or hippie chic, they can recommend short party dresses, or if you prefer to opt for cocktail dresses for the day, it will depend on the time chosen by you and your partner. If the reception will be carried out on the beach, they should also mention it so that attendees know how they can adapt the dress code to the most appropriate.

Prevents contact with possible insectsoutdoor banquet

If the outdoor banquet is held in a natural or country setting, we recommend you to consider candles at each table, or mosquito lamps that keep them away from the guests and the food to avoid any discomfort or contact with annoying insects.

Type of outdoor banquet outdoor banquet

Both the way of dressing and each floral arrangement for the wedding, are influenced by the type of reception they choose. The most common types are served at the table and buffet style. The first ones, also known as classic banquets, are used when there are specific tables or places for the waiters to pass through each post. And in the buffet types, the food is served at a large table, so that each guest is their own waiter and they serve whatever they want. For this option it is advisable to pass groups by the table, leaving a waiting space so that the place is not congested with a long line. If they have a different marriage and they inject personalized style, there are thematic banquets like picnics or barbecues like a roast, where the interaction and intimacy are much more representative, which are very good if they are about rural marriages.

The soil of outdoor banquetoutdoor banquet

Keep in mind if the floor is made of stone, grass, earth or cement, to determine if you should hire a floor or specialized flooring for the occasion. If your idea is to have a vintage wedding decoration and the dress code is simple, casual and informal, the platform is not necessary if the heels and high shoes for a wedding are not part of the chosen wardrobe. As normally this type of reception is done in natural areas, if you want to party later, you can have a specially installed track for this purpose. Or also incorporate an area where guests can leave their shoes if it is a marriage on an exterior such as the beach or something that connects with nature; a perfect idea for the picnic type reception.

Do not forget the bridal styling outdoor banquet

If you thought of the right way to dress for the guests, did you and your husband think of yours? Do not forget to also take into account your attire, for you may be a semi-combed hairstyle that will help you to be more comfortable. Everything will depend on your preferences, style and what you feel comfortable with; remember that you are likely to be exposed to the weather part of the time. For an outdoor reception, it is advisable to wear a simple wedding dress, with lightweight fabrics and not so covered to allow you to breathe. There are brides who usually wear 2 bridal outfits; one for the ceremony and one for the reception. If you have the possibility, why not? And for the groom a suit in brown tones, sky blue, and the inevitable white.

The weather of outdoor banquet outdoor banquet

An outdoor reception is usually done in warm weather season and without possible rainfall. But since no one is there except for any eventuality, it is good that they have a Plan B. Rent a tent or install areas for escampar and hydration, both for any unexpected visitor rain or exaggerations in the solar rays, which can suffocate the guests. Remember to have clear measurements of the space where they plan to put the tent or the roof. And if the sun takes more prominence and heats more than normal, it helps a lot to have fans, hats, fans or umbrellas that give alternatives to the guests. For winters or very cold climates, it is not advisable to make a reception outdoors because the dishes would cool very quickly unless they have a closed tent with heating. Or on the contrary, if the banquet is cold food that does not need to be heated, like sushi, there is no problem.

illuminationoutdoor banquet

For evening outdoor receptions, remember to keep lighting in mind. Whether they want something intimate and romantic under the light of candles, or if they prefer something more themed with lamps decorated with a connected power plant; Lighting is important both to dance and enjoy the party, as well as to dine. They do not have to be incandescent lights, the right measure to illuminate and harmonize the environment.

The sound of outdoor banquet outdoor banquet

Remember that, if you have chosen to entertain the reception with a dance group, orchestra or soloist, it is important to contact the supplier to ensure the logistics and production of the event. That will serve them in the same way, if you want to take the microphone to say a word of thanks or for the toast without any of your guests is left without attending to these beautiful messages. Talk to the professional to provide the best options according to plan for marriage.

These are some general recommendations that you should keep in mind, even before choosing where you will spend your honeymoon, to organize the outdoor banquet or outdoor reception in your marriage. Remember also to consider if it is necessary to rent some chairs for guests of legal age and with health problems in the knees or in the back. If there are smokers, they can add a specific area so that it does not bother the rest of the guests without hurting preferential susceptibilities. That is why it is important that they report the conditions of the meeting on the marriage cards, to give the inclusion and comfort that fills the wedding with joy and comfort. Continue reading  Wedding dress in 3 styles: what is yours?

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