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The 5 most original bars in the world to have a very special date

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There are original bars that are unique. In the cities and towns of origin, the usual original bars always prevails, enjoyed by the upstarts as if it were the greatest discovery in their history. There prevail the typical products and a relaxed atmosphere, with beer as a cornerstone. But there are many more of all fur and condition.original bars

Some countries wield an original bars culture deeply rooted in the land and the people who give it life. Spain is a great example, with the highest number of bars per inhabitant in the world. But there are many others that have abundant establishments and different philosophies.

If you want to discover those precious stones that shine for their originality, prepare a date based on the most curious original bars in the world, ready to offer you a different evening and, at times, leave you speechless. We know that there are many original bars and that some of them, despite their simplicity, are the true soul of the party. In this case, what we are looking for is originality, whatever it may be.

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Skeleton original barsoriginal bars

The elegance and sobriety of the Swiss contrasts with this gloomy space that both locals and foreigners enjoy with deep delight. The place, conceived by the art designer and special effects of the film ‘Alien’, Hans Rudi Giger, is based on a human skeleton and its decoration is in agreement: skulls, bones … Thus, the whole set is a product of terror beautifully formed, but its bizarre atmosphere does not diminish a bit of elegance to the place, which all kinds of people visit. The paintings by artists such as Salvador Dalí and Ernest Fuchs enhance the cultural aspect that reigns throughout the wonderful resort.

The Red Sea Star original bars (Eilat, Israel)original bars

Like the little mermaid in the Disney movie of the same name, this prestigious Israeli bar “lives happily under the sea, ” with the schools of fish and other most beautiful creatures on the planet. The bursts of colors are followed by the seabed with elegance, like the interior of the bar, which mixes good taste with the grotesque based on octopus-shaped chairs and lamps acting as jellyfish. Take a snack, a beer or a drink has more charm to six meters deep, with the sand of the beach that covers the floor between the toes and the impeccable view of the vastness of the sea. Obviously, an appointment here will be remembered for life.

Nevermind original bars(Barcelona, Spain)original bars

For more alternative couples, or just for the curious, this original bars in Barcelona is equipped with a pair of ramps for indoor skaters. On the other side of the glass, there are tables and underground decoration  (painted, posters, concert posters …) in a modern and grunge atmosphere, although all types of people usually visit it. To drink a beer under a 100% urban atmosphere, with rock, indie, punk and grunge as the official soundtrack, this space is a revolution.

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The Club Mine (Zacatecas, Mexico)original bars

At 184 meters deep, with the memory of the mine that originated this excavation, original bars-disco is a claim of great importance for young people. Although it also works as a nightclub, the place is ideal to spend a different evening-night as a couple.

To access the original bars, a train travels the bowels of the earth and leaves you at the door after four minutes of travel. The interior of the premises, with the grotto aspect that would lead to some treasure of the Knights Templar, plays with the lights and colors to create a surprising mixture.

Overtoom 301 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)original bars

One of the longest streets in Amsterdam, which starts at the edge of the famous ring that includes the center, has as the guest of exception one of the most stimulating places in the city. It is full of young and not-so-young people in a modern aesthetic, and beers, wines and soft drinks at a more than affordable price are filled to the rhythm of the best alternative music. In the middle, as the main attraction, a table tennis table in which several people play at once. By doing a rotating run, each player hits the ball and continues on its way until there are only two left. Then, the final duel, although there are also tables to play normal games that, evidently, are overshadowed by the jewel in the crown that we have just described. You can also drink, without more, or enjoy concerts in some of its multiple rooms.

Finally, the world is immense and innumerable original bars that nourishes them with drink and good vibes. To open your mouth, we have chosen these five, but we urge you to browse through any corner of the planet in search of the perfect date and your ideal original bars.

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