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Online Purchases: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Currently, online purchases seem to be a fashionable format, however, there is a high percentage of people who still view with mistrust the use of this shopping method. Here we give you a detail of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of transactions.

It is indisputable that e-commerce has gained a greater boom in our days, through electronic means such as the Internet, where it is possible to carry out transactions of buying and selling products in different websites that are dedicated to marketing of these, today I want to let you know what are the advantages and disadvantages that we face when making online purchases over the Internet. Read more: What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Online? Is it safe?

Online purchases: A new trend worldwideOnline purchases

Online purchases today is setting trends, more and more people are buying products or services through this route, once the first fear of placing personal data in a form and opening accounts in certain places to buy and overcome is overcome. check that the purchase has been made as in any other business discover the advantages of this way of purchasing items.

According to the new statistics on the general trends of purchases on Internet more than 875 million consumers have made online purchases so the number of buyers has grown by 40% in the last 2 years. The countries that most use this means of purchase are South Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and the United States, in terms of the products most in demand these have been: books, clothing shoes, airline tickets and electronic items.

eBay-amazon there are many portals and sites on the internet where you can buy items, among the most famous are www.ebay.com and www.amazon.com that can offer you many advantages, however, this also has its drawbacks and I present the pro and the against of online purchases.

Advantages of Online Purchasesonline purchases

Online purchases offer significant advantages to users in a modern way of marketing goods and services through the use of information technology and telecommunications. Its main advantages are:

  • Availability: we can buy a product at any time of the day without dependence on commercial opening hours.
  • Comfort: we can buy our products from home or from the workplace, avoiding trips.
  • Speed: access to products is done without further delay or slow and bureaucratic procedures.
  • Best offers: on the internet, we can find better offers, products at a much more comfortable price,
  • It is a world market: we can locate stores that are located in different parts of the world.
  • There is a wide variety of products: it is incredible we can find everything from toys to appliances.
  • Personalized attention: we can make contact with the service provider and ask for products that fit our personal needs and measures.
  • Detail of the products: when we buy an article online we can obtain a detail about the characteristics of the product/service that we want to acquire, ask for opinions from consumers, request demonstrations or compare it with the competition.

Disadvantages of Online Purchasesonline purchases

Online purchases offer many advantages, however, as everything also has disadvantages and you have to be careful, especially in the case of people who are not fully familiar with the network, since on the Internet you can find everything and to do this type Purchase is best done in a recognized and reliable site. We must always ensure that the address of the website corresponds to the usual, we must advance them and prevent any type of practice that may put our data at risk.

Now I will tell you what are the disadvantages that we face many times when we make online purchases over the internet:

  • Shipping problem: when we buy online we have to wait a few days, weeks and even months for our article to arrive home.
  • Mistrust: there is distrust of how the package of the item that we bought will come if it arrived well if we were not deceived if it arrived in good condition in the end doubts are inevitable.
  • It is not possible to see the item before buying it: the buyer can not touch or try the item and only sees a photograph of the product.
  • Payment by credit card: to make purchases a credit card is necessary, which generates distrust for the users because they fear that by providing their bank details on the web, they may be victims of theft or fraud. Continue reading Some tips for shopping

Finally, there are many benefits that we can obtain when purchasing products or online purchases on the Internet without doubt over time will be more people who will use this method of purchase, it is a matter of which we are more informed on the subject, this will break the barrier and The fear and distrust to carry out this type of transaction will be lost.

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